Butt wrap toy??

Hey all. This is probably gonna sound totally weird so sorry if everyone thinks I'm just odd!
I've been looking for something like a doggy strap/ sex position strap but with sort of spikes on it too that my husband can wrap round my butt and grab so it sort of digs in while we have sex. That's the best I can describe it. I have no idea if such a thing exists and if it does what it's called so I'm having an awful time trying to find one. Any ideas??

I don't think I've ever seen something like that! You could always diy it though, buy some studs or spikes and put them on a position strap.

Or maybe vampire gloves? http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=11497

Thanks for replying. I looked at those gloves actually and I may try talk husband into it but he really wants a 'prop' rather than to wear something. Hmm. Maybe I should invent it!

What I really wanted was like a leather studded spanking paddle but more flexible and with handles!

I think I have seen something similar to.that which you describe.
Lovehoney isn't the kind of specialist supplier you need. If you Google "specialist and bespoke bdsm equipment uk" you should Find a few things of interest

I totally understand what you mean, and love the idea. I think your best bet is to stick it on the pander to me thread and get lovehoney staff to look for it

Ah thanks sum sub. I shall have a look. And young and fun too. I might repost on pander to me as well cuz I buy soooo much stuff from lovehoney. Well. As much as allowed by my husband (!) so it'd be cool to have such a thing here.

Oh my god. Those gloves are evil. Funnily all my gloves end up like that when I am fixing machines. They end up full of swarf and metal turnings. Never thought they would ever make gloves similar.

If it's a bit out of the ordinary, have you thought about a fetish fair? I don't know if you have one near to where you're located. I'm lucky to have one here every third Sunday here in Birmingham. (This Sunday) The vendors are realy helpfull and will even custom make your desired clothing or equipment.

Just a thought.