Buying a fleshlight. Few Q's.

About to place an order for one of these and just had a few q's.

I can't seem to find any info on the lovehoney site as to whether or not I can order if i'm under 18? If I were to pay with paypal, would they be able to see my age and would I not get my item? Sorry if this is a stupid question but the info really doesn't seem to be anywhere.

And as for the fleshlights themselves, I was going to go for the wonderwave, does this come as standard? Or will I have to order the case and wonderwave insert seperately. I'd rather not have to as its cheaper to just buy the whole thing but it seems that the wonderwave is the without doubt the best insert.

Any help would be great.


I'm not certain, but I don't believe that there's a minimum age for buying sex toys in the UK. Paypal doesn't show your age either, unless that's something they do only for users under 18.

If a fleshlight doesn't say anything about textures, it'll have a smooth sleeve. The only textured fleshlights LoveHoney carries that are sold as a complete toy are the gold ones and the stamina training unit.

I bought a dildo when I was 14 - I sent the payment off by Postal Order in the mail and had it sent to a friends house cos my parents were nosey! It worked, and I had endless fun playing with the dildo, but my friend didn't want me to do it again so that was it until I was older!

Most adult sites stipulate "18 or over" which in my view should be "16 or over" You can leave school and get married at 16 after all, so why no sex toys!

How old are you exactly? If you're inventive you can build your own toys like I did :-) It aint difficult to think of ways - there are even web sites on the subject. Google and ye shall find... It's either that or ask an older friend to help you out I guess.

By the way, the Fleshlight is AMAZING - it'll blow your socks off. Closest thing to real sex I've ever experienced! The standard is smooth inside and fairly loose. How thick is your cock? Depending on that it may be better getting a slightly narrower fit Fleshlight for full sensation.

(I sent a Fleshlight (wonder wave) to a college student in NYC. I am the best hooker santa ever.)

@ Ambiguous

Why was Santa never so adventurous with me? Or so pretty! (I like your picture)

there is a site that you can get loads of info on fleshlights, cant recall what it's actually called but if you put (I think that's the name) in a search engine that should help.

I got a fleshlight pink lady and it is amazing. I submitted my review about an hour ago.

The legal age in the UK is 18 but i think it should be 16. You can do almost everything when you're 16 and i think that sex toy buyer age should be lowered. But if it's online, it's not too bad as you can get away with more things. I say you should just buy if you want. Paypal doesn't show your age to, i think it's against the law or something. So just buy it. I recommend the pink lady as it will handle "as much" cock as you can give it.

If you read the Alan Ritz Penis book you'll find that he recommends parents give their teenage sons a Fleshlight or similar! His idea is that it'd cut down on the teenage pregnancies and huge spread of STDs' I think he has a valid point - after all, everyone knows that teenage boys spend most of their time either wanking or chasing girls for sex. Besides, if you can leave home and get married at 16, why the hell can't you buy a sex toy for your wife!!!

I bought my hubby a man toy when we first got together and he broke it the first time he used it.... You guys have mde me think about buying him a flash light one...
How is it with the larger guy... I mean can it take a "cough" a erm "bigger man" with out breaking the first time ??... I would love some input.

Hey Laynie - isn't that a great coincidence, I love giving input ;-)

Don't worry about the Fleshlights, I have one so I can tell you from personal experience that it's the best on the market. It's longer and thicker than others so there's loads of room inside, even for "larger" guys. I'm not a freak but I am bigger than average and it's plenty large enough for me. The insert is so stretchy you can take it out and pull it to three feet long and it goes right back to the original size when you let go. (I tried!) So, there's no way your guy will rip it.

Buy him an "original" size pussy version not the anal or super tight versions. He'll love you for it, believe me - those things are just unbelievably good!

Aww thank you Bath-Bi-Guy, you have helped me make my choice...
I'm sure he will have great fun with his new toy :P

Trust me, he will! And if you ever feel bi-curious one day you can play with it too ;-) The moulding looks feels amazingly realistic - easy to imagine it's the real thing when exploring it with your tongue or your fingers...

Hehe I will bare that in mind :O...
But I think for now it will be his play thing hehehe. :P

Bath-Bi-Guy, you say there's no way you can rip a fleshlight. However my experience is different. I find that they slowly tear from the outside inwards right next to the stabalizing fins. I think those are the weakpoints of the inserts which get damaged when they pull them out of the molds. I really think they should widen and slope those fins so it doesn't happen as easily. Sofar I have 3 Wonderwave inserts, 1 speed bump(HIs and His package) and a Stamina training unit that tore on me. All of which have multiple tears which are between 2 and 5 inches long. LEaving the inserts more or less useless. I don't know if Girth size has anything to do with it. But mine is above average (various between 6.5 and 7 inches) However they do last longer then most toys. Tears start to form only after about 1.5 to 3 months of extensive ussage. But still for a product they claim will last a lifetime.......

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