Buying a Realistic Vagina

Hi guys!

So i recently asked my boyfriend if he wanted me to buy him a male sex toy when our loans come in. I am now slightly regretting saying i would and didn't know what peoples thoughts are on couples using realistic vaginas together? I'm a tad worried about him going off sex and prefering the fake vagina over the real one!

Hi :)

You need to talk to him about your worries. If you're having doubts, they should be discussed before you buy him this toy. I'm sure a lot of people have the same worry with using these particular types of toys but it's pretty much the same as a woman owning a dildo. A guy might think he's being replaced but that's just not true. These toys should be to enhance your sex life together and not replace it.

From what I've read here on the forums nothing compares to the real thing x

Hiya! If you search in the forum the thread...'please say it's not just me!' That will help you and my partner love using them together ..and your partner definitely will not prefer it over yours! Xxx

Here is the link to the thread. I do own one and my wife owns dildos but we still prefer each other how ever much we enjoy our toys.

Other people's thoughts don't matter; it's your thoughts that can make this toy a fun addition to your play time or a point of jealousy and insecurity.

As far as it replacing you goes, you're no more likely to be replaced by a male masturbator than you are by his hand. They're not THAT amazing and they certainly don't come with all the intimacy that sex with someone you love does. So unless your partner is the type of guy to chose masturbation over sex anyway, he's really not likely to choose the toy over you. It's just a glorified hand job; amazing as part of couple play, but still just a hand job when you're alone.

If you're not 100% ok with it then don't buy it. If you're not comfortable you'll end up making him feel uncomfortable about using it too, which could be quite a blow to him if this is his first toy. It takes guts to admit you would like to use a sex toy, if that sex toy then causes problems in your relationship it can leave you feeling pretty damn insecure. So really, it's not going to be any good for either of you if you're not both totally ready.

Why not go for a male toy that isn't a 'fake vagina'? There are plenty of non realistic toys that still feel great. Check out the Tenga range:

The eggs are a lot of fun and although are designed to be single use, they will last a few uses if you wash and dry them carefully. The Tenga 3D are more long lasting and very stimulating while not looking like a pussy or feeling anything like sex.

You're got this whole male masturbator section which are all non realistic, there's everything from cheap strokers to luxury Fleshlights available with non realistic openings:

Don't have to get a 'fake vagina' to get a good male sex toy :)

I personally wouldn't buy a realistic vagina for a first sex toy there is plenty others that arnt realistic. You need to have a discussion again if your already feeling insecure, but I very much doubt any man would prefer a fake one to the real deal.
I'd personally suggest to both shopping on LH together and then you can agree on something your both happy with.

If you see my review on the Monica vagina it goes into this. But basically my main worry about the realistic vagina is it will become a substitute for me but actually it doesn't. My partner sais it feels better then a hand job but not as real as the real thing so you don't need to worry. And in fact its great in addition to the real thing, if you bring it into couple sex you can do both 😊 hope this helps x

A fake one is nothing like the real thing, even a fleshlight heated to body temp. They can produce great sensations but its like comparing a vibrator to a penis.

My partners tried one but we tried it together although he enjoyed the feeling it hasn't stopped/or substituted us having sex , if you get one try use it as foreplay with him then he can move on to the real thing x

There one on the deal of the day today. I own this one and here is my review of Lola.

As many people have said.. there is nothing better than the real thing! Don't worry xx

100% backing everyone else. We have had a few and apparently I comes no where near to the real thing. Same as a dildo. I thought the same as you before we brought one but I have to put my hands up I actually enjoy it X

Do you have a realistic penis dildo?
Do you prefer it over your partner?

Nothing is better than the real thing.
Stop worrying! :)

okay right

do you think using a dildo or a vibe you go off sex?

its the same for men its not the same as sex a ralistic vaginal will be cold unless you heat it and wont be able to clench down like when you orgams.

Plus look at it this way you can use it on him Mr likes when i do this and it creates a great foreplay session