can any1 recomend?????

hi there can any1 recomend a lube for toys which doesnt sffect the ability to become preggers, was usin the classic ky recently found out it can decreese your chances but never got told y???? ne1 recomend one i can use or an alternitive? please x

thank u ill give it a go! been trying 4 2 years and only just found out that it does it might explain things a bit!
was hoping someone might have a n answer thank u so much it means i aint gotta stop using ma toys now!!

Why would lube stop you getting preggers? KY is waterbased isn't it, and unless they've started adding spermicide than I don't understand?

not sure was told by proffesonal but she didnt tell me what i could use so not sure???

"KY does not contain a spermicide so does not kill sperm, however there is some research to suggest that it and other lubricants may adevrsely affect sperm motility, potentially influencing how rapidly the sperm can swim from your vagina through the cervix. It is doubtful if this actually has any effect on sperm if used in small amounts when you have intercourse. As there is no clear scientific evidence against, or in favour, why not try sometimes with, and sometimes without?"

Apparently... I'd only imagine this would be caused by using too much or something... Dunno, sounds a bit...Urrrr, hmm.

Olive Oil supposedly kills off most things !!

Sliquid H20 is Fab go for it