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Hi. This is my first post here.

I’m currently on my journey at trying to achieve a prostate orgasm, which I’ve been having little success with. However, I’m interested in looking into buying a hands-free thrusting dildo.

I’ve only seen one on here that’s £40+ with a wire and controller attached to it, but was wondering if anyone could recommend any other options? Most seem to be aimed at the ladies, but will quite happily buy one if it can be mounted to a wall and has thrusting/vibrations etc.

Also, I’m not too sure on the size/width. Let’s just say I’m a beginner... Thanks

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First of all, welcome!

Secondly, any dildo that has a flared base can be used for anal stimulation whether it seems to be marketed at ladies or not. Is thrusting a must have for you? It is harder to find beginner sized thrusting toys in a lower price range, especially with a suction cup.

There is this vibrating one that is under £30 (but if you’ve never used anything wider than a finger or two this might be a little big at the moment)

And a whole bunch of options that are beginner friendly and anal safe with no vibes. A dildo can be very stimulating on its own if it’s got some texture or a curve to target the prostate so I wouldn’t rule out non-vibrating options. I’d suggest:

Thanks for the replies. :) I became curious about thrusting dildos after reading a reddit forum on prostate massaging and wanted to give one a go. I want something that will replicate anal sex or being pegged, but yes, options do seem pretty limited. Thanks for all the links; I’ll have to save one or two of those. I am somewhat familiar with prostate play as I’ve been trying it for goodness knows how many months. I just meant I’m a beginner when it comes to dildos. Sadly, I’ve just never managed to achieve a hands-free orgasm. The most I’ve ever had is squirting. In the end, I decided to give this a go:

Oh. And thank you for the welcome. :)

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Oh, geez... I'm so sorry. If it hasn't been done already, please delete my other thread.

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