Just wondering, how hot are these massage candles from Monogamy and the likes? I know they don't burn you like a normal candle would, but how warm are we talking?

Warm tap water?

I have bought the mini set with massage oil...not tried it yet but hoping to tonight.

Willlet you know how we find it.

That's what I was looking at, along with another candle! Thanks, that'll help me out :)

Massage candles - blow out the flame, and the wax is sort of body-heat warm. DON'T play with the flame, as that's still very hot and can burn you!

The oil / wax will stay liquid as you massage, so it has to have a pretty low melting point.

Thanks Monster, I've took the plunge and have ordered some to try

We bought the Booty Parlour candle a few months back - it's lovely, but it's unfortunately discontinued now... it's opened up a whole new dimension to massaging for us. so we're on the lookout for a new range now :)