Hi we have got a couple of whips and floggers and are looking for something to take it to the next level. Something that will mark the skin with[out] too much pain yet lol

and didn't know if you could maybe recommend it cane or something like that x

Hey hornyandkinky

A cane is designed for pain, so if that't not your thang, I'd recommend trying something else. 

A riding crop is a brilliant alternative to a cane and can leave a mark and a bit of a sting, without being as intense as a cane. 

Alternatively, try paddles made of alternative materials, like silicone, to up the intensity level. 

I have this:

It's horrible - by which I mean it's great! - and can leave lovely stripes.

It takes quite a bit of practice to learn to use a cane so go steady to start with. You can even practise your aim on a pillow (sounds silly but it does help you get good control and gain confidence. Far better to make any novice mistakes on an inanimate object rather than accidentally really hurting your cane-ee with a misplaced stoke.)

Hope you find what you need! Good luck, stay safe, and have fun :)

We have got them and a bit of pain is good. I like it to still sting the next day x

I looked at that one it looks good x

Ah, by the time I had finished writing my reply you had updated your post. Agree with Jess - canes hurt so if you don't want too much pain yet, maybe try something else first.

Silicone or leather paddles would be a great step up from a flogger. I have the silicone one from here and it is very versatile! Sensations range from milder to pretty intense if you give it some oomph.

Iv got riding crop and a leather whip that leaves a nice sting . But fancy something more x

Hi there, I also agree with Jess that canes are very painful. Have you ever thought about silicone - either a paddle or a crop, as they really are very intense :) xx

For sting that lasts until the next day I'd also suggest a good old wooden spoon. Jess might tell me off for that, though, since LH don't (yet) stock a 'pervertable kitchenware' range... (sorry, Jess! *attempts a winning smile* 😁)

Maybe try something silicone from LH *and* a wooden spoon??

Are the silicone ones better than leather ones . But not as much as a cane x

I find silicone hurts more than leather generally.

I would agree with the above suggestions to look at paddles and crops. Personally I would suggest a dual sided paddle like this (other colours available) as it will give you two different sensations to play with.

As for a cane, generally they are better in the hands of more advanced players and they require more skill to wield but once mastered, there are techniques out there which don’t involve large amounts of pain.

In terms of marking, there is no guarenteed toy as everyone is different so it is a little bit of trial and error

I love leather paddles and crops