I wanna buy my wife a catsuit anybody got one?? Is it worth it ?? I need some advice….

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Catsuits look hot, as do jumpsuits for everyday wear, extenuates curves, look fab on, I say go for it.

Are they worth it? It is difficult to quantify, if your OH feels good in it, and you get pleasure from your OH wearing it, then it is definitely worth it.

Plenty to choose from on LH.


A cat suit is fun but if you are looking at wet look - take care as not very forgiving especially on legs and watch out if she is tall ( I had 1 but as a tall woman - the legs aspect was too short for me )


As others have said, Catsuits look fantastic. We have a custom latex one that is just :smiling_imp::hot_face:.

All I will say is that is a very hard to surprise someone with a catsuit. The dimensions need to be very accurate or the fabric very stretching to get a good and sexy fit.

That said, don’t let it deter you. Just go through reviews with keywords in mind (tall, tight, loose, etc)

I bought a catsuit from Lovehoney for my OH a number of years ago. She looks and feels uber sexy wearing it. It’s also very versatile for role play or fancy dress. Strict dominatrix teamed with whip and heels, or more saucy seductive feline. The main issue we have with the now discontinued catsuit version is very limited access when pulses start racing. With only a zip down the front on our version.

However the new fierce zip around catsuit below looks like there will be absolutely no access issues. :fire:

@waltersalex725 I would recommend going for it and ordering one.


It’s been a fantasy of mine since watching *The Avengers" in the '60’s/'70s. Diana Rigg as Emma Peel) in one of those? Rowr!

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We have this one @waltersalex725

Very sexy and stretchy material, i have a review on the product somewhere within the reviews.

Worth the purchase

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