caught naked by hot cousin, being punished

At the request of the Mrs, must explain. we spent a great weekend at the cottage, caught up on the Her & I time w/out kids.
The cottage is shared by other family from time however we have never had any others show up there. Its quite secluded so we let go and have fun.
Near the end of our weekend I was laying out in the sun stark naked like a lizard on a desert rock, as relaxed as possible...when out of nowhere my cousin came around the corner of the cottage, just 2 feet from where I lay in all my splender, The look on her face must have matched mine..
they had parked in the road and walked in, I did not hear them.

What an embarasing moment, never before ever caught like that, she took it well, her being 10 years my younger w/ teens of her own.

long story short, I got over it, my wife still laughs about it, and it kind of turns me on now I think my Quite hot cousin has seen all of me up close & personal.

MY Wife has demanded as a punnishment I post this and ask all of you to suggest severe punishments she will levie on me for being so careless and letting her goods be on displey to others.

so post away, she set no limits and will carry out the punishments you suggest.