Chance meetings

I agree there are people on here I’d be quite curious to meet.
However, would be a nightmare for LH to put together and police etc., and of course have their reputation to consider and all sorts.

A lot of my curiosity is around how different face to face communications would be compared to communicating on here.
It is a lot easier to be honest and expressive behind anonymity, and although I’d like to think I would say everything verbally in person, all of those other aspects come into play (energy of room, how people react/respond, emotions). For that it would be fascinating, I would expect people have a lot of preconceived ideas of other forum members and would be great to see how many of those would change.

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I’ve not knowingly met anyone.

I wouldnt be against it, however, what do we talk about in public? Cant be sitting havinf a coffee in a public area chatting about sex toys or whatever in oublic like that.
Not as if I’d meet anyone else to do anything more.