Changes to Jessica Rabbit?

Has anyone else noticed a change to this vibrator? I first bought it a year ago and it has been an amazing investment but after 12 months use it needed replacing so i recently bought another one but i noticed theres a few differences the main one being the ears they are smaller and spaced further apart so they really dont work as well for me.

So now im gonna have to find a new rabbit that i like, has anyone else had this probem?

Sorry i dont, I got rid of the old one when i ordered the new one unfortunatly.

Which one do you have now? Is it possible to link the two on here? :)

Oh yeah I have that one and I really like it! Hmm sorry I can't be of more help but you probably are best to contact LH, live chat, and ask if they can recommend you or give advice as to what might be better for your liking! :)

Yea it was deffinately the same one I checked my order history.

Thanks for your advice everyone, i contacted staff and im getting a replacement, the customer service on this site is amazing.