Changing reviews?

Ok so a while back I tested the alive egg.
I didn't give it a brilliant review saying that it's range was awful.
Now last night we took "eggbert" to the cinema.
After being inserted I was most upset to find he didn't work!
I suggested maybe the batteries it came with (only used it once) were maybe not good and to try changing them at home.
Well he did and now it works better!
So I think I've given it a not great review when it was the batteries and not the product! :/

Hi pink, just contact Cazz or live chat with your updated review and they will update this for you. In the past I have wanted to add extra details / updates to a couple of my reviews and Cazz has amended them with no problems :) xx

Hi pinkanimal

Please check your inbox I have sent you an email.

Kind regards

Thanks cazz.
Just need to retest it now it has new batteries in.
Just didn't want to give an inaccurate review when it was the batteries and not the product x

Usually if a product comes with free batteries they are no name and poor quality. If your using a new vibrating toy for the 1st time it's worth getting new and good quality batteries, I always pick up a pack of 4 duracell aaa while grocerie shopping,i have a lot of toys that use this size of battery.use the free batteries for remote controls,or other low drain devices,clocks etc