Charger help

Hi, I have been searching for ages now and can’t find the charger for my Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms vibrator.

Can anyone help and tell me what size usb charger I need? I have done some Internet searches and can’t see what size the pin needs to be.

Thanks for your help

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Hey @Sweet-Loz - this looks like it is the right size (check the description to make sure it is the same vibe you have - it says it fits the bloom knicker vibe though if that’s the one you mean)

Link here :blush:

Edit: Ah sorry, I was looking at the charger for “My Body Blooms”, not “Desire Bloom” so @Ian_Chimp’s suggestion looks more accurate. It doesn’t list it under the description for the 2.5 though, so def worth checking with customer care as @Ian_Chimp and @Cupc8kes suggested! Sorry for the misinformation - must read more carefully!


I don’t have that toy myself, but judging from this previous post I think the 2.5mm barrel jack cable is the one you want.

Though you might want to check with Customer Care to make sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah. Though it does depend on which Desire Blooms toy it seems. I’d definitely check with Customer Care. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree, to save any agro - just do a live chat and ask the question.
They are usually quick and really helpful.


Chargers are such an annoyance. I got the multi USB outlet for the wall and plug them all in. I’m finding the magnet ones all seem to work with each other. Then the long prob charger for seems to be very similar then other prob ones, just a bit longer or shorter, so I now just keep the longest one out.
But sticking little labels with tape on should have been bone from the start. At least the voltage all seems the same coming out of USB.

You can buy little jewellery price tags that you can tie to the cables. It’s the way I’ve done mine. I keep them in an electronics folder.