Chastity play

Hey everyone,

I started a thread a while ago about chastity cages and the wife has agreed to have another go with them. (I'm eyeing up the gold CB on the site if she really gets into it!)

I think what holds her back a little is not actually knowing what to do with me once Im wearing one. I obviously have my own interpretations of what it involves, but she lacks confidence and the cruel streak to really take advantage of it.

Does anyone have any recommendations on reading material, general tips from personal experience etc that she might benefit from?

This is something I enjoy and really want to explore with her in greater depth. I realise for most this is kids play on the scale of kinky etc but for us this is outside her comfort zone.

You might find the male chastity journal (can find with a quick google search) useful. There's a specific post called how to cage your man that would be a good starting point.

Two suggestions for you

She should try to remember all the things you have done to upset/annoy her and use them as ammunition when you are caged. Unfortunately nice ladies tend to want to give in and release you when what you really want to is to be kept caged.

This is probably more workable in your circumstances. Take away the need for being hard on you and make it a game of chance. Use playing cards or a pair of dice to decide how long you are caged for, with the understanding that you both adhere to the rules. As for what she can do, thats easy. Keep reminding you of the time frame, wear less clothing around you, touch you accidentally/deliberately and develop a liking for porn even if its only fsog.

Good luck

My recommendation would be to discuss - it's a good idea to talk through ideas for the first little while. Doing it together will help her build confidence to take over as time goes by.

I did write a story up about one of my experiences

Google 'male chastity lifestyle'.
We found very helpful especially for my wife to read. Has a few chapters on male chastity and it tends to steer away from words live slave, mistress etc. Those kind of words put her off from reading most of the things to do with male chastity.

There is a good, in my view, book called keyholders handbook. It is a sensible look at different ideas that you can pick and choose from. Written for the female side.of the chastity play perspective

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