chastity play?

Has any body used male or female chastity here as part of a tease/denial session in the bed room or short even long term use out side of the bed room? As some one who has been locked by my Mistress for the past 5 years I'm curious as to what others make of being locked in chastity out side of the fetish scene.

Weve done it a few times.

The missus loves to lock me up and spend the day rubbing me up or flashing me. When we do make it to bed she will use her toys to give me show and will even stop intermittently to lick my penis through the metal bars.

Its incredibly erotic and when she finally lets me out it doesnt take long for us to be all over eachother.

5 years is a very Long time! Could handle maybe a couple hours - a day but not that long! My oh would also kill me.
Never tried it myself but sounds like a bit of fun for a day! X

5 years is a very Long time! Could handle maybe a couple hours - a day but not that long! My oh would also kill me.
Never tried it myself but sounds like a bit of fun for a day! X

I have been in control of his orgasm now for over a year, but we could not afford a device for a time, so it was based on trust. Having a device though, just adds a whole new element to tease and denial. Mentally. It is a huge amount of fun for the both of us and it slowly went from a little game now and then to becoming a big part of our relationship as we grew into it. Recently, he got his first device (Not ideal for long term) but it is a huge amount of fun so I am now actually looking at getting him a more long term one at some point.

I think a big part of the thrill for me, is knowing I am teasing the crap out of him and have the power to decide what happens next. For him, its knowing he is being teased and can't do anything about it, which makes him feel a lot of different things, from submission to super horny, to frustration. We both love chastity tease and orgasm denial.

I am going to assume that the OP has been under his mistresses control as his keyholder for 5 years, rather than having been completely denied an orgasm (Or any kind of stimulation) for 5 years? Although, some people do actually go years! I cap my hat. I don't think complete and utter chastity would do it for us though. We enjoy the elements in between too.

Ork wrote:

My longest time has been 16 days, but the device fell apart... I find without an actual device not touching it becomes a living nightmare some times, the device installs a mindset that just can't be matched by the honour system (the honour system just being you trusting someone not to touch themselves without permission).

I personally found with the right care and attention from the person in control, I do pretty much whatever I'm told too, so really in my oppinion if you do it just right, you'll never really hit an issue, but doing it just right will vary between people and even then there will be times when either person hits a limit.

I noticed my partners mindset changed more dramatically than I expected when we went from a year with the "honour" system, to him having a real device attached.

He said it was a constant reminder of who was in control and that seemed to really boost his arousal levels in a short amount of time! I was expecting some change but clearly you are right. The device does add a mindset (for people interested in this type of play) that just is not the same as the honour system alone. It is kinda obvious when you think about it. With the honour system they still know (mentally) that they have access should they get to that point. With the device on, it becomes a physical barrier than adds to the mental element of denial.

Ironically, most devices can be removed by a determined guy with a few tools and lube lol. It really is a lot to do with the mindset.

Ork wrote:

(I actually split it down the middle, then glued it together again with plastic glue I had...

For a second I thought you were still talking about your dick!