I need to send a naughty gentleman to buy himself a chastity device but he's worried people will see the bulge under his suit trousers. Is there a device that is snug enough not to show?

I have two different devices, one a softer silicon cage and the other a rigid plastic type one. Whilst wearing them it feels as though they are really bulging out in reality they are not and I am not aware of anyone noticing when I am wearing under my normal clothes.

Obviously depends on how tight your clothes are but a standard pair of trousers or jeans should be fine in my view.

So he's being a baby? ;) Thanks Colonel Lube x

I agree with Colonel Lube. I think rigid plastic ones are best. Just don’t go for a metal one.

Even if people do notice, they are more likely to assume he is well endowed than wearing a device.

They won't be noticeable, unless he wears extremely tight trousers and is quite skinny himself.

I've been wearing one the last 10 days now, and noone has said anything, even though I feel like my bulge is obvious

Thank you naughty boys ;)

MsJessica wrote:

Thank you naughty boys ;)

I am a good, well behaved individual!!

Good boys don't know about toys that lock their little cocks up ;)

Ur welcome Mistress

MsJessica wrote:

Good boys don't know about toys that lock their little cocks up ;)

perhaps the boys you know!

I however am both good and well behaved.

I just popped on here to ask a similar question. Can anyone recommend a good, snug model at a reasonable price please?

What sort of duration did you want? The CB series have always been popular, but now there's good softer silicone alternatives while the hardcore bunch say they wear metal ones outside of the playroom.

Could I ask if you all get released for cleaning? If so how often?

Depends on whose in charge if it’s just bit of play Jess suggests you don’t wear it over night. Whereas if you have a mistress she may restrain you and clean it or supervise you cleaning it ( so you don’t play with yourself). Im think It’s about every 2-3 days. Depending on what model you have can make a difference. Some people clean in side with a cotton bud so a full clean has to be less often.

Released every other day for a supervised shower. On the other day I carefully spray the shower head through the air/pee hole.

Is drying inside difficult after washing?

I find if you dry yourself normally You will be dry quite soon. Amber add a touch of talc if need be but I’ve never needed it with the CB6000. What cage have you got?

Yes it can be. I tend to sit on a towel for a while, or you could blast with air from a hairdryer. Depends how well you fill the device I suppose.
In an ideal world I'd wash it every day but the OH doesn't like me to have that much free time so we compromised on every other day.

The problem isn't really urine as the pee hole is large enough to see through easily. The problem is actually juices as the result of tease and denial. Which itself can form part of any kink play you might want to.

Ooh hadn't considered talc. Might give that a go.