Checking up in one place!

Ok everyone so i've not been on here in a while properly and if i am honest i have given up trying to read back though posts to get to know whats been going on because it's taking too long so i just wanted to start a thread to ask how everyone is doing and what has been happening in your lives?

I've missed all my friends on here greatly and i really am trying to get back into the swing of things including sorting out a few of reviews that i should have wrote ages ago!

You have been missed, but I want to say I have just been sending positive vibes on your healing and well being emotionally and physically my dear. Dont feel pressure to spend more time on here or anything if you dont feel up to it. I have moved, it has been a bit rough, but we shall get through it.... that is my only big update.

Haha no i WANT to get back on here and find out how everyone is :) Will give me something to do anyway instead of moping and hiding in bed all day everyday!

Where have you moved to? (Sorry if you have already answered this a million times)

It has been fantastic to see you back here, you've been sorely missed by the entire community, and with good reason.

Personally, I'm stuck in a personal, all too familiar hell but 12 days away from salvation and counting the seconds with childlike glee :)

Hey Fantasia Fairy, great to see you back and with a new name too!

Hope you are doing better now, lovely? We've been pretty worried about you.

As for me, I'm just enjoying being a mum to my 5-month old little girl. She's amazing and come so far from the 3lb 13oz little doll who could barely make a sound, to the lively little miss she's become.

Actually feeling broody again already! OH and I both want another baby, but we're planning to wait a few months before TTC again, so we can be a bit more prepared.

In the meantime, we're just enjoying each other, and cherishing our little one, who is the perfect blend of me and him so far.

SC i have missed you and have been thinking about you alot! Please fill me in on everythig i would LOVE to be able to help you in any way possible i remember we had the same kind of past and the same problems what can i do to help?

LB How cute! I love babies and still break everytime i think about the one i lost! Hahah yes give it time! I couldnt think of anyting worse than being pregannt and trying to look after another baby! That would be very exhausting! I'm so happy that she is doing well!

Yes i changed my name as i had problems with someone on here. I cannot say more because then it would mess up the whole idea of getting it changed. Cazz was wonderful about it! I'm still struggling. Ive been wanting to die alot recently and as for my physical health ive not been too good either ive been back and forth to the hospital alot and am awaiting some more blood results. Meh....

Hey FF (gonna take me a while to get used to the name change!) glad you're back :)

How are things going? I have been messaging you but if I'm honest I've been crap at keeping up with everyone since we moved anyway! I haven't forgotten you, it's not been the same around here without you.

As for us, we moved into our house at last and have been spending every day decorating, cleaning, unpacking, organising etc. it's starting to settle down a bit now though as we've done the major bits. And we are trying to conceive properly as well, which is exciting but scary after last time. Getting so impatient already! If it doesn't happen soon I think we'll be getting a puppy to satisfy our parental instincts for a while haha!

Much love xxx

Aww hun, the wanting to die feeling is awful. Know how it feels as I've had a couple of pretty bad depressive episodes, but seriously it will get better for you with some more time. Even in your darkest moments, know that there are people who care about you and would be distraught if you weren't around anymore. Just take each day at a time. Be gentle with yourself, and I really hope your physical health starts to improve too.

If you need to chat about anything, we're here for you xx

Just one city over, nothing major but still a pain in the arse... too much stuff LOL.

I hope you are physically feeling better, I know fresh air helps me when I am really mentally down. even just an open window and a little sunshine may help hon.

You are such a kinda hearted young woman. Did you ever start a "good stuff" journal... can't remember if it was you or someone else I suggested tthis too. When something good happens a memory, a compliment, even a bit of a story or a photo from a great time I will place it in a journal so when I am really down I can go back and look at the "Good Stuff" to help pull me out of my funk a bit. If you have not already started it, that may be a rough task right now, but keep it in mind my dear.

BTW I LOVE your photo so much in that bodysuit, wanted to order the same one from Lovehoney but item was out of stock and then discontinued but i was able to order it today via a different site. hope I look half as cute as you in it!

Welcome back FF. Not been up to anything at all sadly, just missing going out.![](upload://f8zGclFeQx35HwZLqJ7J1rFzQ0n.gif)

Hope you're as well as can be x

Haha, smart lady with this "cutting the line" attitude! You were missed, glad you're back!

Many have moved, I'm about to, but changing also countries and it's keep getting postponed since May give or take so I'm a bit stressed out... On the plus side, I only recently joined the tester community on here and pretty excited about it! :)

I'm so pleased you back, I have missed you. Is the new name a new start?

very pleased that your are feeling a bit better and able to interact with us again.

It's the annaversary of our engagement at the weekend, and we are going away for the weekend. Back to where we got engaged. Hot tub! So despite being broke, I have spent about £150 on underwear the swan wand, the swoon lube and massage oil, the Titanman cock rings, and I'm really excited. (Wet with anticipation).

I feel bad for not sending my friends any presents recently, Sorry guys, I will try to save a bit of money up and get back to gifting soon.

We've all missed you too, glad to see you back and ilike the new name :)

I've handed my notice in at work (scary stuff) and im just riding out the last few weeks of my maternity leave now. Had a lovely holiday with hubby (kind of a delayed honeymoon) without the little ones which was nice.

Also had a few house related dramas whereas my brother wants to pull his money out so in effect we have to find somewhere else to move as we can't afford to buy him out. Eurgh.

And the eldest starts school this week!! Eeeeeeek! X

Fun Louise, FF gave the reason for the name change earlier in this thread...sounds like she was being hassled by someone :(

Jessica, sucks big time you're gonna have to move...after moving across the world as a kid 8 times and then moving every year for Uni, I would happily never move again! We only just moved into our current home in Nov, and I want to stay put to have a nice family home here :)

Boo, hope things are going well in your new home. A puppy isn't necessarily a bad idea, regardless of how soon you get pregnant. It will get you prepared for teething, separation anxiety and toilet training, lol. Plus having to be responsible for a living creature that depends on you for everything. We got our dog a couple of years ago, as a pup, and she was insane at times...still is, but we love her to bits. Think she also bought out my maternal side, hehe!

Boo! I've missed you so much! I will check my inbox! Recently i've been getting alot of vile people mesaging me asking me for morbid details about my friend passing away so i've not really been looking though it! But i will do! I remember you telling me you were moving house and how excited you were to be able to do 'more' things without parents around! I'm so happy for you! And yes get a puppy that would be so cute and i would love seeing photos! It's scary after you have lost one baby...when i lost my child i was not planning on getting pregnant so i didnt try again but i still have that in my mind and i know when i do start trying for a baby it will be in my head about what happened before. message me if you need to talk.

LB. Thank you, yeah the feelings are awful they are so powerful and so strong. But then i have friends... well one friend who i said ' i wish i could have died instead of my friend' to and she broke down and said that if i were not here that would be her done...Shes one of my best friends so i kinda feel like i have to keep going. I cannot let my friend be sad like that. It makes me feel better that i have you all though.

V.. i did indeed try one of them but it was too hard for me to do. To accept someone telling me i'm beautful or anything of the sort is too much. I generally do not see myself in a good light. To a point where i get fustrated when people think that about me. Even more so now. i keep thinking that it was my fault that my friend died, or more i'm thinking alot about the what ifs and how i could have changed things....omg i love that bodysuit so much! Its wonderfully comfortable i have yet to write a review i cannot belive Lovehoney no longer sell it! Im sure it will look divine on you though wonderful lady!

PP I'm just happy to be able to catch up here! I hope you find something awesome to do soon :)

era.. Testing is fun :) I've not actually tested anyting in months, mostly due to the fact ive taken a break from here and then now have little to no sex drive so most things are out! Your moving country?!?! Where to? That is awesome! I hope to move to Canada within the next year or so as i have a job etc out there that i could take. America would be awesome too but lets face it the chance of me getting a visa is very slim lol!

FunL. Omg i'm so excited that you have posted on here and updated me! The name change was actually to do with someone in my personal life finding me on here (my own stupid fault for having me LH twitter account on my regular one) and it was causing me distress so i asked for it to be changed. Do you have twitter? I can explain on there :) IM AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I am also happy that you treated yourself! Please do not feel bad about not sending gifts. I have 5 'urgent' gifts to send and then about another 15 people on my gifting list. But there is no way i am gonna be able to do anything till at least novemver! I feel awful too about it. Your not the only one i promise and im happy you a treating yourself.

Jess wow thats crazy! First of all good luck with the baby! Enjoy your sleep before you have to survive on sleepless nights lol! I certainly hope you get everything sorted out with your brother and house! It sucks to be in a situation like that even more so when you have kids and another on the way! Please rant here if you need to let it out! I wish there was something i could do to help you out with it all! I'm thinking of you.

I don't have Twitter, do have Facebook, but you will not find me by my name. (My real name is not Louise.) don't feel you need to explain, there is no need to put yourself through that.

so pleased you are back. I just need a small lottery win and then there will be presents all round.

im going to tell my OH that the cock ring set is a free gift, he loves his ball stretchers, but has been reluctant to play with me while in a cock ring. I Definately want to play with the swan alone before introducing it to my OH. He might be a little reluctant it is large!

I have never been up for anal but the new Lelo Loki has got me reconsidering this.

Do you have Facebook?

FF - I get it, I am horrible about taking compliments... take your time on this road to recovery. I am so sorry there are vile people out there not respecting the situation you have been in.

Music is my other escape at times, a good playlist can help you focus and mood shift also.

You have a lot of people virtually cheering for you and sending as much positive vibes as we can my dear. =)

Second quite literally everything Vanessa8 just said x

I am not changing continents, but let's just say I'm moving a bit closer to 'home' even if home is not an existing place anymore to me... (Sorry, not sure if I want to reveal specific information on here just yet.) I will say that it's a move that is long overdue as I was always miserable living in this country in the past decade. It's just work related stuff that gets in the way now, we need to insert it in our agendas and it's a tight schedule.

I hope you didn't throw out your toys like you mentioned before though, did you? You'll get your mojo back, no pressure at all!

I second Era, please say you didn't throw your toys away!

See you've been reading a bit of erotica recently FF, is that helping you find your mojo at all?

any books you'd recommend? I've ordered a Portia de Costa one...recently read Exotica by Eden Bradley, and liked it. Read Black Lace Liasons too, and some stories got my blood pumping, others not so much.