Cheerleading outfit

Where do you get them from we were watching a film and i said you would look hot in a sexy cheerleading outfit she said she would think i would look kinky in one to,So i want to surprise her with one,You see lots of schoolgirls outfits but ive not seen cheerleading ones can anyone help?

Fancy dress shop or a google search should be able to help you out.

Or you could put a request in here and see if LH can help at all


Never liked the fancy dress shops around here all seem to cheaply made,I never knew there was a request topic started so i can start there.Thanks.

I did put a request in but its a no go for lovehoney.

Anyone use any good fancydress shops?

Fancy dress shops all sell basically the same stuff as each other so I don't think you'd find a good or bad one, if you have one local it'd be worth checking out.

I'm not sure about linking you to anything, but since LH have confirmed they won't stock any... have you tried going to the official websites for the brands of lingerie sold on here? If you browse their own websites you might be able to find a cheerleading outfit from a good quality brand. Find a school girl outfit on here(or even other dress up outfits like nurse etc), search the brand, you might just get a hit?

A well known auction site might be of some use I reckon x


Ill get searching on those suggestions.