Hi guys Anybody use Cromecast to mirror their phone to tv when watching porn? My tv in not a smart tv

I've done it when the OH and kids were out camping while I was still home still working. Looks so much better than on my computer monitor.

Not chromecast but airplay being an apple centric household. Works well, just be aware that most free streams are pretty low quality. They may look ok on a phone or tablet, but blow them up to normal TV size and they can look pretty bad

I bought a Roku Express streaming stick for £30 and installed the Pornhub app on it. Job done!

Yes I cast porn works well, also cast stuff from FB such as Music, bands and interviews

Me and my partner like doing this together but have gone through many different apps but a lot say free and end up with added costs that’s not cheap or sites such as pornhub don’t work but we have invested in a wire that connects to phone or laptops and links up to the tv and it’s a bit slower but does work and is ok when you get use to it.

We have an Amazon Firestick and you can add the Chrome browser app to it which allows you to surf the porn sites like Chaturbate, Porn Hub etc.