Clamps with chains: Spartacus or Dominix?

Hello lovely people,

I'm having a bit of trouble choosing between two products, although let's face it- they are pretty similar!

I've had great experiences with both of these brands, and I'm struggling to decide. I love the fact that the Spartacus one can be changed to just nipple clamps, but I also love the look of the Dominix one- seems more sturdy (and I already own a Dominix chain and it is of a very high quality).

I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that has experienced either (or better yet both, though I guess this is unlikely) of these and has any thoughts to help me choose...

Thanks in advance!

Have the Spartacus one and love it. Dont know about the other but certainly i enjoy the one i have.

Perhaps buy the other one this weekend and let you know when i have tried it!

They both look very good, but I think I remember someone saying that the chain length on the Dominix one is quite long. Maybe have a look at the videos to see if you can see a difference :) xx

Thanks guys. I've watched both of the videos with beady eyes Scorps and I'm still having trouble deciding! I thought the Spartacus one looked pretty long too....gah!

Maybe ask Live a Chat to give you the exact measurements before you make your final decision, they are so helpful :) xx

Good idea Scorps thanks. That would be great if you do sunseasex!!!