Cleaning and drying anal douche

i’ve just recently begun trying anal play with my dom, and my only sticking point is the cleanliness aspect. so he got me the bumper booty kit, but i’m having some concerns about how to keep the douche clean. cleaning it itself is not a huge issue, but the narrow opening makes it really difficult to dry. simply leaving it to air dry takes several days until there aren’t any residual droplets of water, but i can’t be sure it’s completely moisture free. i’m really concerned about the possibility of mould growing in there. any advice on drying it more expediently?


You could run a pipe cleaner through it or even use a hairdryer on a relatively cool setting and it should dry out completely in no time.


thanks for the tip! i was a little hesitant to use heat, but i completely forgot about the cool setting. I’ll give that a try, thank you!

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I’d just normally leave it to drain out for a few hours then pop it on the shelf above a radiator somewhere but not directly on the radiator.

Welcome to the forum. Yes this is a big issue for many who’ve got a bulb style douche. For me I tend to do a funny shake dance around the bathroom trying to get all the water out of it :sweat_smile:

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That I’d like to see :joy::joy: