Clone a Willy or other variations

I've read a few reviews including helpful tips, but the one thing that i haven't seen reference to is the feel/texture. weight and solidity....( and before anyone gets smart and says 'yeah it's all relative to the 'model' ....).......

Unless i've misread/understood i gather the process is to pop 'the subject' into the 1st mix which creates a negative mould and then pour in the silicone (?) to create the final version? presumably the mould gets destroyed taking the finished piece out? or does that vary between the different products?

i'm asking because i have had a hankering to try making a vibe, my thought is to clone an existing vibe or dildo, possibly adding a ridge/bump here or there to change it slightly.....and then when pouring in the final mix pop in a hollow cylinder to house the motor.....why? because i'm intrigued to see if popping in a decent motor into something that's the right shape but is average power wise improves things or not.......

so: are the finished products solid, bit bendy, too bendy, nice to use, merely a novelty etc etc ( and if any of my assumptuons are wrong above about the process do let me know).....



I'm currently waiting on my glow in the dark clone a willy arriving should hopefully get the chance to make it over the weekend so ill try to remember to get back to you and answer all you're questions

you dont have much time to work with the mould so working with it will be tricky. the final result is quite solid but mine went wrong and just stayed sticky. id advise plaster of paris or alignite and liquid rubber.

The first one I made, the mixture surface was very rough (not sure I mixed it properly. The second one I used plaster of paris and liquid rubber to make a permanent mould and just bought some more of the filler.

That one came out a lot smoother (pretty much perfect) but the OH doesn't like the feel of it inside her because it is 'cold'. When I'm away she likes to hold the 1st one to go to sleep with.

As I have a mould I just need to find a material she likes the feel of and she will have something she can hold and use.

I found with the material for the -ve mould material not to both trying to get the exact temp they tell you, I kept it cooler, mixed it quickly and it worked fine.

We certainly enjoy the results but you need to insert very straight and not touch the sides when making the -ve mould

Hope it goes well.

cheers folks, sounds like a diy version will give more options....