Clone A Willy

I just looked on the site for the clone a willy mix as when we previously tried the mould it didn't work out as my penis pushed up against the sides of the cylinder. I'm doubtful this is due to the size of my member and more user error so wanting to try again but the mold mix does not seem to be available.

This may he a daft question but does anyone know of any other moulding mixes out there or know if the clone a willy one is specially designed for use in that area? Thanks :)

my girlfriend bought this kit a while a go and I would love to surprise her with it and try again, everyone needs a laugh during quarantine !

There's a couple of colours still in stock: 👍

I think the moulding gel can be sourced from elsewhere, but the platinum silicone mix may be harder to find (linking to Lovehoney competitors/alternatives is against the forum rules though, so you'd have to research that yourself).

Customer Care might be able to tell you if/when they're expecting a delivery? Or there's an email alert option on the product pages to notify you when it comes back in stock. 👍

Thanks Ian, I still have the silicone tube as the last mould was not usable at all; It's just the mould mix that I need. Good call on contacting customer care though, will drop them a message later.

The guide has a bit more info in about the type of moulding powder that comes with it: 👍

Will my penis be safe?

Created by a chemist, the ingredients adhere to the highest of standards and both the mould and completed vibrating dildo are completely body-safe.

The moulding powder is algae-based alginate, the same formula used by dentists to cast teeth, while the cloned penis is made from 100% platinum-cure silicone for a totally stable product that will not degrade or deform over time.

There's also a few reviews with some useful tips in. If you sort them by 'most helpful' it should pull some of them to the top. 🙂👍

There's a couple of useful instructional video's on You Tube showing how to use the kit.

As far as I know the moulding material is an alginate compound.

I was either looking in the wrong place or LH have restocked as a quick Google search brought me back here and they have in stock. Only problem is gf just mentioned she threw the silicone out 😂

maybe we will order a full kit again sometime soon...

Ha. 🙂 That is rather unfortunate. If you've still got the toy then you could save yourself a few quid by getting both refills separately. The toy seems a bit basic though, and a few people have mentioned swopping it out for something stronger.

I've not used one myself yet, but looking through the gumph today did get me wondering if I could create my own bespoke mould and make a funky silicone covering for the Tango... 🙂

This is something I'd love to do with his willy! Thanks for the information in this thread!

I definitely recommend these! So much fun to make, other half bought one as a comedy Christmas present but it was brilliant. The tubes are not overly generous width wise so the mould did end up with a couple of little holes base end which on the finished product means a couple of little flat bits where we'd had to tape the outside! 🤣

Overall though very sucessful finished product! 👍