Which one do you like to wear or your partner wears.
Is it metal or silicon?
Is it just one ring or more, how many more?
Just for the cock or the balls? Maybe you like both?

Come and share with us, pray to the cockring god :smiley:

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You need to edit the title.
I have 5 metal rings, two are 10x5mm cross section one of which i dont wear, two, two part rings that are in 2 halves and screw together making removal really easy if everything is a bit pumped up lets say which are really thick 15mm round and a odd shaped one thats very comfortable to wear basically oval shaped but also formed to fit the contour of your body behind your cock and balls thats also thin at the top and thick at the base(heavier), also have silicone ones that i eear at the base of my cock at the same time sometimes


I wear a permanent chastity cage which has a 45mm inner diameter stainless steel ring around the base of my cock and balls.

When she allows me to remove it for access I replace it with a simple stainless steel ring of the same size.

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I have a metal one and a leather one, don’t use them loads

I wear a 50mm diameter 16mm wide 9mm thick stainless steel ring 24/7. I love the weight and feel of it and on occasions when I can’t wear it for work I feel ‘naked’. I’m currently looking for a heavier one.

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You might have to have one bespoke made, there are people out there who provide this service

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I have the S/S 1.9" Cock Ring from Lovehoney. I love it and so does the OH.

Share a photo

You arent allowed to request photos…just so you know.

I have several, including this Estim beauty.
My latest is another steel beast with (inward facing) spikes. The more excited you get, the more exciting it gets

I meant a photo of the product from store web site and a personal one.

Photos can only be posted on certain threads. Mine are from another site so can’t share links unfortunately.

I have a horseshoe ring (25mm dia 3mm thick) which I wear permanently around the head of my penis and that has a 7mm wide bracelet chain which comes out and is connected on to a ring around my balls (10mm thick x 28mm dia) I also have several hearts which dangle from the horseshoe. I can also connect my ball ring to my njoy butt plug with another horseshoe ring through the loop on the plug. I sometimes wear another 30mm x 15mm ring around my balls just for a little stretch. All of which feels sensational and reminds me what the wife will be playing with.

So this is a great question…

I have never wore one (static or vibrating). I can stay hard forever, I can pump precum to the point that we sometimes don’t need lube yet I have always wanted to get a ring.

Does it:

  1. Keep everything harder longer?
  2. Engorge the area and make the complete package larger?
  3. Delay cumming if the balls are also pulled down?
  4. Increase cum pressure and distance if allowing cum to “spurt”?
  5. Increase personal pleasure for the wearer?
  6. I know the vibrating ones are built to stimulate the clit in PIV especially Missionary, but any other advantage to a vibrating one?

Really interested in trying one but there seems to be hit and miss data on sizing, fit, etc.

Convince me I need to test drive one with Mrs. Val (who really doesn’t care for toys on herself)…

They are hit and miss.
Sizing really is crucial for a cock ring to work.

It does make you a little bit bigger, but not sure my wife ever notices a difference.
It does delay ejaculation… your semen needs to build uo enough to burst through the constriction dam of the ring. Not sure how long that delay is, probably a few seconds to a minute. What i find is that when i finally come, it more intense with a cock ring.
I also like the constriction feel around penis base / cock and balls (i usually wear both together), it’s extra stimulation during sex.

As for the vibrating ones, they’re good in that my wife only comes from clit stimulation, so they’re rhe only hands free orgasms weve had.
It also promotes grinding sex rather than thrusting sex to maximise vibrating contact with the clit, and that, for us, has been a really intimate and lovely experience. Vibrating rings are all very different again, so finding one that fits you and finds your partners clit is another challenge!


The risk of the wrong size is, either not much effect(too big) or too small that can give great results and be quite impressive until you try removing it then you find as everything is pumped up you can’t get it of easily, then it starts to hurt.
If you’re going for a snug fit(tight) get a two part ring thats held together with a screw or two making removal a piece cake