Hi how do you get your discount codes thanks

We use Lovehoney Unlimited!

Once you’re on it you can get "25% off when you spend £40"

Plus birthday treats! Also get discount codes from reviews.

How do I become a Lovehoney Unlimited member?

If you’re a new customer…
Spend just £50 on products at Lovehoney and you’ll become an Unlimited member.

If you’re an existing customer…
You’ll automatically be a Lovehoney Unlimited member if you’ve spent £50 or more at Lovehoney.

As mentioned above, you’ll also get a 20% discount code with every submitted review - these are brilliant for orders of less than £40! Although I forget about them all the time like yesterday :woman_facepalming:t3::smile:

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And don’t forget the Special Offer Topic :+1: (though it’s not as busy as it once was :slightly_frowning_face:)

Hi Alicia4Ever thanks for the info still not sure if I am unlimited member

Hi I have spent more than 50 pounds however not on one product so I presume I have unlimited status

If you log on to the main site the banner changes to ‘Lovehoney Unlimited’ if you’re an Unlimited member. And if you go to Your Account you should see a picture you can click on to apply a discount. If it’s 10% you’re an Account Holder, if it’s 25% off £40+ you’re Unlimited.

You also get free postage on all your orders if you’re Unlimited, no matter the order amount.

So there are a few ways to tell. :+1:

And if you’re still unsure you can contact Customer Care, and they should be able to set you straight. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

thanks Ian_Chimp

Thank you very much Ian chimp is there some kind of course you can take to help us with the new site

There is indeed. :slightly_smiling_face: The topic below should give you all the info you need. :+1:

Read more here Lovehoney Unlimited :smiley:


just create an account - Lovehoney are brilliant, they will send you codes by the sexy stocking load

And there I was getting all excited to have spotted a thread about some TOP SECRET spy stuff.

The disappointment to discover it is nothing of the sort. :grin:

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The badger has awoken and the tulips are blooming.



Well it’s no wonder I was disappointed.

I’ve been wasting my time hunting for the bag out of the cat amongst the rhododendrons


Was just wondering how long before your birthday do you receive your discount code?

One week. Though there is an email glitch, so if you don’t recieve it contact Customer Care and they should hook you up. :+1:

Thanks again @Ian_Chimp you’re a trooper.

You can also get the 10% by going here and entering anything

You’ll get a notification that the offer is no longer available and you’ll be redirected to the current offer.

NB/ I’m not sure if this is an oversight so feel free to delete this message and/or fix the page.

How do you get discount codes and when? may be a silly question