Coital Alignment Experiences?

Hey all

Who has tried the coital alignment technique?

We’ve looked at it before, but hubby has a fear of bending his penis too far and it hurting, so worried for him to rub my clit while fucking the angle will hurt him?

How have others found it?

Clit owners - is it worth it for you?
Penis owners - did it hurt bending that way?


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You’ve been watching Sex/Life on Netflix lol

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It did bring it rushing back lol!

That is a very good technique for women, very good I do however empasise with your Husbands concerns. The Male is actually bending his erect Penis in an opposite direction whilst moving at pace, yes there have been some awkward and painful incidents due to this (Not with me fortunately)

If trying this I would suggest starting at a very slow pace, see how that feels and if comfortable increase momentum overtime.

Although there are no Bones in the Penis there are other parts that can rupture, all I would say is start slow and build up.


I must be very naive as I have not got a clue what the coital alignment experience is.

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Dont worry, your not alone.

This is a pretty good explanation.


I’m glad I’m not the only one @Green_Eyed_Girl


@WelshDragonette This is new to me. I haven’t read all the replies but I would try to hit any spot if I could. More explanation needed - perhaps I need to watch a vid? Please explain the concept.

@Silkyhat posted a good link above on what the position is :+1:

I’ve seen it mentioned on the forum before but never tried it myself- obviously I want hubby to enjoy anything too and not be worried about hurting himself!

Ha - great read. We actually do this sometimes without knowing what it was called or what we were doing! lol.
She likes it but I enter on an angle, so basically our legs are scissored or her leg between mine and I go in at a strange height and side angle. This is a no-thrust position for us and full grind. It doesn’t work for her on top which we thought it would as she would have control, but it doesn’t have the same effect.
I have done this from the rear as well the same way with legs scissored. Granted it isn’t as deep but allows me to stimulate her anally as well (either way). It is a work out though and takes alot of energy in the back, hips and legs. I think she likes the weight of me and it doesn’t hurt anything on me.

She gets wore out quickly from thrusting so the grinding is a great alternative. It may not be exactly as described but is fun and we can extend the session which is great for me.

Maybe I am doing something right…lol

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Lol I know the author that wrote the book sexlife is based on.


I didn’t know there was name for this, but have done it quite a few times. I think I read an online tip that said start in missionary, then raise your upper body and shift your hips forward to align with hers, and thrust down. It does the job very well for my wife, and I’ve never felt any discomfort or that it was a uncomfortable position.

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My favourite position :yum: :heart_eyes: