Condoms to use on shared sex toys?

I was wondering which condoms would be best to use on sex toys when sharing them with a partner?
I know the lubes on some brands can seriously damamge your toys ^_^;; Silicone based lubes I mean. I have a mixture of silicone, rubber and realistic toys.
Does anyone know of any toy compatible condoms out there?
Lamb Skin? Possibly not for the squeemish.

I found something that works! ^_~ Trojan non-lubricated condoms.
I can use my own latex safe water based lubes on them without having to worry about them damaging my toys! <3
Now me and my partner can share our stap on toys with out having to worry about disinfecting the straight away. We still clean them properly, but it rather kills the mood if he uses the vibe on me and then wants me to use it on him coz it means I have to go downstairs and clean it, then go back.

I don't think they stock them in boots either.

Is anyone else fed up with how hard it is to find non-lubricated condoms? Lambskin was recommended to me for toys. As per non-lubricated condoms, check out Durex Natural Feeling, Trojan, Trustex and LifeStyles. Now where are these in the nearest Boots or Superdrug when you need them?!

I can barely move for pharmacies where I live. There's at least 5 nearby.