Hiya I need some help we are starting to use condoms to delay pregnancy for a few months yet but we are unsure of the best ones to buy. Expensive or slightly cheaper? We don't want them to break etc an worry the cheaper ones may do this!

this will be our only form of contraception from now on so would like to no if you do use them which ones u would recommend

We use durex. They are the best fit for my partner. Also never had any trouble with them splitting or anything x

I really like these -

but would say that it really makes a difference getting condems that work for you. I just used durex generally up until finding this site, then maybe 2 years ago tried a few different types and found the Swoon ones I linked. Made a huge difference and really improved sex for me and also my partner as I can actually feel what's going on properly. So try a few brands and see which you prefer.

I have to be honest, I've never been a fan of condoms... Until I found these!

Honestly, they are worth the extra money for the sensation for both partners. I've tried them with both circumsized and uncircumsized partners and the sensation hasn't been reduced enough for either group to have an issue with finishing.x

If you're going for safety, you can have complete trust in durex or pasante. There's a reason they are the ones that get given out at sexual health clinics. To keep it interesting though, try a funky type. Best condoms I ever tried: pasante glow in the dark and durex tickle me ribbed.

Skyn are the best condoms I've ever used.
I particularly like the extra lubricated ones.
I have used them for a few years now and (touch wood) have never had one fail or any other issues. They seem to be very strong and really are the closest thing to not using protection in my opinion.

These are my favorite we're long term condom users for various reasons and personally these fit very well and very safe, never had one split or burst.

I'd say try a few just buy 3 packs if you can and get a feel for what fits and suits you best, HTH

Currently using Large Pasante, but Skyn are definitely the best condoms we have tried - Never had a problem with them splitting.

Skyn are mine and my partner's favourites. I also like Mates Naturals, which are much cheaper. I had real issues with pasante condoms. They broke regulalry and irritated me. Everyone is different though so I'd recommend buying a small pack to test if a particular brand or type suit you and your partner before buying a bigger pack to save money.

We use condoms for contraception because we have to, not by choice. Have been for many many years now. Tried most Durex types, but ultimately stayed with the Classic as all the fancy ones had no additional value to our experience. Then, we tried the Fifty Shades one (part of the 3 for £10 offer here which makes it very good value for money) and found they were better. So we have stuck with those for the last couple of years now. Never had 'unwanted incidents' with either. He only puts it on when he is about to come, as neither of us likes the condom experience generally, but he never had an issue with not being able to finish due to the condom itself. And with the FSOG ones I can feel him burst inside nonetheless.

You will have to be careful not using one till the end might work but sperm can be ejaculated before a climax


we like durex thin feel -

DJ is right about not waiting until the very very last moment to use a condom - I do know someone who did that, she now has a lovely son...

Absolutely do not forget to make sure you're picking condoms that match the size of your partner. While I can't vouch for how big he is, that would be a little worrysome, check the measurements first. If you're using them because you don't want to get pregnant yet, you've got to be taking far far more care when it comes to picking ones that fit. Don't want them to split on you!

D.j wrote:

You will have to be careful not using one till the end might work but sperm can be ejaculated before a climax


Yes, this is a point that needs to be made, fortunately I never had unwanted pregnancy issues with anyone. Either he knows his body well, or I'm just not fertile enough to get pregnant by mistake. :) Either way, we will soon start searching for a pregnancy, so an 'incident' would only make us happy now. :)

My personal favourites are the Durex ones latex free. I find them so much more comfortable. But do make sure you get the right size, we tried some once and I didn't check the size, he could hardly get them on and when he did he took it off straight off, said it felt like his dick was going to drop off.

Another thing, make sure you use them before his dick goes anywhere near you. I am convinced this is how I got caught out and got pregnant a couple of years ago. Didn't realise what happened until I had a HUGE period and went to the doctors. It can and does happen!

I personally have a latex allergy so can't only use latex-free condoms. Me and the hubby have found that SKYN is the best brand for us. It's reliable and feels good! We have played around with their own variations and have found that the "intense" feel condoms are amazing. The hubby says it feels like he's got nothing on and I personally feel everything! Even to the point where I can feel him ejaculating, big turn-on! Everybody has a personal favourite brand, my advise is to try different ones (you can get most condoms in packs of three) until you find something that works. If you get irritation using latex condoms however, try latex-free

its amazing how much condoms vary between brands, Its worth trying a few different ones and seeing what works best for you both. Ive always wondered about the likelyhood of breakage and if it changes with some brands though.

I've used various types by Durex most of the time. Was on Skyns for a while a couple of years ago - liked them a lot and a even had one partner checking to make sure I had a condom on at all! Last lot I used were Durex Thin Feel though and they were great. Don't need to use any now though, thankfully :-)

Another vote for Skyn - but it's needs must for me as I react to latex.

OH likes the non-latex ones the GUM clinic has started giving out to replace them:

We don't use condoms that regularly because we don't need to. But if we did need to I have always been a fan of the Trojan condoms. The feel good without really feeling you have got a condom on but still strong enough so they don't spilt. Lovehoney do sell Trojan condoms.