BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Lovehoney and their fabulous staff!

Lovehoney has just won the ETO award for the Most Innovative Retailer and Online retailer.


Yay. Go Lovehoney.

YAY - Well done Lovehoney, another well deserved win! xx

Am I surprised? Of course not!
Congratulations to everyone at lovehoney - a deserved award indeed.

Congrads! You deserve it.

Yay! Congrats LH :)

whoot !! well done all well deserved !

Yay so my vote did actually help!

Well done Lovehoney if anyone deserve is it's you! =D

Well done much deserved.

Congratulations, very well deserved!


Oh well done Lovehoney! I voted too and im so happy you guys have won! Congratulations :)

nice one LH, fully deserved.

Thank you guys! Not a bad way to start the week....

Yay ,well done !!

Yay! No surprises there though, you were bound to win at least one award, I'm so happy you got 2!

I was too lazy to register so I could vote, so I'm glad you still won haha.

Today is probably a good day to ask the boss for a payrise haha , congrats x

Congratulations and well deserved.

Did you spot any amazing new products at the show?

Congratz Lovehoney! its no wonder you won xxx

congrats well deserved :) xx