Coping with ED

I went to my GP, had a blood test, found out that my testosterone was far too low and was prescribed Testogel (a hormone replacement gel) to boost the level and Sildanafil (Viagra) to boost my confidence.

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The ED you had, was it you couldn’t start an erection or was it that you couldn’t maintain an erection? Or both?

Mostly that I couldn’t maintain an erection.

I would start off hard but if I got even the slightest inclination, real or imagined, that my wife wasn’t happy then I would go soft instantly.

Partly mental but brought on by a real physical problem. All OK now though.

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Thank you for your reply. That seems to be my issue. Started a while ago with just being a little softer than usual, but then got to as you said any inclination I could lose it. But other times it could be fine.

I see from your other posts that your wife is not one who can talk about sex easily, can have sex easily, but talking about it is not easy. That is the same way with my wife. We have talked a little about my ED and she’s been so loving and supportive, yet I feel I need to talk more about it and actually more specifically about a few things that I think have contributed to it and things I think will help break the overthinking cycle.

I would appreciate hearing from you from the aspect of how you, and specifically your wife handled the ED when you were experiencing it. Meaning did you talk about it? Did you agree to doing things that took the pressure off you. When I say when you were experiencing it I don’t mean just at the actual moment but rather the time period in your life. If I recall correctly from other posts you mentioned you and your wife kind of went for a period where she wasn’t as interested in sex as she was when you two were younger. Of course it’s obvious from your posts that has changed.

Would appreciate hearing more about your situation as it really sort of hit home with my situation and I would really like to address it before it gets to the point of no return.

My wife was supportive and reassuring too but i went to the doctors as soon as i realised that there was a problem so the period of ED didn’t last long at all. Just 4 or 5 weeks really .

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