Couple sex toys we vibe VS Lelo Ida

Hi I need some advice.

I really feel like spending some money today, and Im not sure ehich way to go but I want to suprise the wife with a couples sex toy.

Problem is they are both +£140 so I dunno which to buy as they both have pros and cons.

1st one is Lelo Ida SenseMotion Rechargeable Remote Control G-Spot Vibrator (Black). I like this one because it doesnt just vibrate, and I reckon it will look really sexy when it's in, plus I know LELO generally make quality toys.

2nd one is We-Vibe Sync Remote & App Control USB Rechargeable Adjustable Couple's Vibrator (Purple). I like this one because it looks relatively simple to insert, has a cool magnetic charger and is controllable using you and her mobile. Only thing is that the mobile app sounsd a bit flakey and as I have an S8 im not sure this will work.

If the app worked well I could be a bit more decisive as my wife goes overseas for short periods of time woth work but Im just wondering (particuaraly from a Ladie's perspective, which one is best in terms of arousal and also in terms of working well?

Or if you really feel that there is a better option, what is it & why do you think that? We will be using it for full penetrative sex aswell as for playtime.

Thanks for your replies, I would normally make a decision based on reviews but this is a lot of money and the current reviews are a little mixed.

Personally I would reccomend the We Vibe over the Lelo Ida.

I find We Vibe are a lot more reliable, better quality and will offer better power and vibrations. That being said, I have never owned the Isa before so maybe someone will have a better insight!

In my opinion, we-vibe is the better choice. We-vibe's products are much higher quality and they invented the couple's style toys you are talking about. The fit and the stimulation is better in the we-vibe, and you can comfortablely use it during penis in vagina sex. I've heard the LELO one has weak vibes and doesn't stay put very well so isn't as good during sex.

I have an android phone and the we-vibe app (we connect) works fine for me. The little remote control it comes with works great as well.

Brilliant replies, thanks very much. I will order tonight :)