Couples Games

Hi, me and my partner have recently paired up with another couple and we have got to the stage of having sex next to each other. What I would like to know is if there are any board games people know that will help with getting even ;) closer?? As I think this would be a great thing for all of us. I have already got Monogomy and I am hoping for a reasonably priced game

Love to all x

There are a handful of games that are for 2+ players but a lot of them can be improvised.

You can also decide the route you want to take either a fun and flirty question type games or a more daring physical game. A lot of have both of these components.

Here are some that are cheap and designed for 2+ people:-

What the F*ck + Raunchy version- or

Let's Get Physical Foreplay Mat Sex Game-

Truth or Dare - A Game of Passion-

And some little bonus games:- Sexpionage Card Game- or Mystery Sex Heart- or Orgy Dice Sex Game-

Hope that helps. Let us know what you decide. =)