Couples massage

Has anyone had a couples massage, either tantric or naturalist ? We are thinking we might go have one together somewhere, any experiences shared would be great. Thanks

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Can't say we have, but could you explain please? If it's what we're thinking, then we are definitely intrigued :p

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Well I massage my husband and then he massages me for
Practical and erotic purposes, but I'm guessing that's not what
You mean. Do you mean both of you going to get a massage
Together at the same time?

Mrs A

I would assume he is referring to two separate massages but together. I myself have not seen anything advertised but I am sure it is out there such as this found via google tantric
Will give you some idea into tantric and what can be expected .

And naturist

If you get no joy from anyone here try google search.

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Hi all, thanks for your replies, yes I mean going for a massage somewhere together and getting treated at the same time in the same room. We aren't into swinging and love going to a spa, so thinking this would be a sexy fun trip out together. This kind of thing, seems legit and not dodge or seedy or am I being naive? (Hence my question)

Neither of us have ever been to a massage Palour and I always thought they were brothals but now I have looked into it I'm not sure.

Is it illegal if there is any form of "sexual relief"?

if you paying for there time and what happens from there on then No it's not illegal. But for instance if you paying for a massage and they say £10 for handjob then Yes it is. There is a fine line and you need to be aware of it.paying for any sexual relief of any sort is prostitution.

Mainman12 wrote:

Is it illegal if there is any form of "sexual relief"?

No, it's not illegal. Prostitution isn't illegal in the UK although it is against the law to run a brothel.

The CPS website gives details on what's against the law and says that sexual services are only classified as prostitution if intercourse is involved:

If you're just going for an intimate massage then you're fine.

Hi, just read your post, I am a masseure and I have done massages on couples plenty of times, most like to watch, some like to help with the massage, I have had people pleasure themselves while I massage their partner, I have pleasured both while massaging while the other watche, some like to just watch their partner relax, not sure this helps but thought I would post anyway just to say there's no NORMAL way really

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hi nielshell have u got anymore info on the massaging that sound like its fun and ur pic taking???

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My wife and I recently had a 'romantic' massage whilst on holiday in Kerala. The spa was in a 5 star hotel and the description was a romantic massage together followed by some time to relax in a private rose bath.

I'm not one to normally go in for massages, but the experience was fantastic and the massage oils very very fragrant and left the body warm and tingling. I felt a bit strange at first being rubbed all over by another woman whilst my wife was having the same thing right next to me, but it didn't take long to relax and really enjoy it.

When the massage was over, the massues' left us alone to enjoy the private rose bath together. I won't go into detail, but the was plenty of room to move around in the bath and we both left feeling great!

it's the first time we've come across a couples massage, but given the chance we'd definitely do it again.