Cowgirl help

My partner and i have a great sex life we enjoy a few positions usually missionary or doggy but we would love to try others. We have tried cowgirl but he is quite a well built man and she has quite short legs only being 5ft2 so it can be a struggle to make it work. We have tried pillows under knees but that doesnt seem to help.

Any help would be greatly receved as would any other positions we could try.

Thank you


I don't see the problem, is it squatted or sitting cowgirl you're struggling with (and facing or reverse?).

The problem is being able to move up and down when straddling as her knees only just reach the bed even with pillows so its difficult to get it in and then move once it is in. We are doing the facing rather than reverse.

Hey Holly Love,

Have you tried him sitting up with her on top?

The general idea is that she leans back, holding onto his neck for support and he moves her back and forth. It's much easier as the movement is shared between partners.

Here's a 2012 blog by Tracey Cox with a little more explanation, some more suggestions and pictures:

All the best!

Thank you Gemma we will give those a try. We found that doggy was much improved by using a strap bought from this site and we will be reviewing that shortly.

when she gets on top of you instead of her being on her knees get her to squat over you with her feet on the bed/floor and raise her self up an down with her legs works much better and its a good work out for legs lol

Thanks sal n dave will try that she does abit of horse riding so shes used to a good ride for a leg work out.

We tried reverse cow girl the other night and it worked well just need to strengthen her arms a little more as they got tired.

I tend to grind or move forwards/backwards more than move up and down. I've not had any complaints. It doesn't matter about knees then as you don't need to create any height which I'm imagining is what she is trying to do?. She can also brace her feet/toes on to the bed for leverage rather than knees. see this animation, the knees are coming off the bed.

Also, the man can prop his knees up for her to lean back on, she has her feet by his shoulders. It can take a bit of practice but amazing once you get the knack.

I found practicing being on top on the settee useful as I could grab hold of the back to help me along, he sits normal and she stradles facing him.