Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Wife, if extremely excited during penetration, will get quite creamy. Very attractive and only recently noticed when using toys. Is this something to do with excitement, or taking a bigger size?


There’s some good info in this topic:

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Mrs. Val will get a thicker cream, almost cum consistency doing PIV sex. It’s very thick and will settle near the base of my shaft as it works its way out. I thought perhaps it was me but I hadn’t ejaculated yet… I moved to oral to see what it was like and had no taste but very thick - almost like a “sour cream” thickness. I wasn’t a fan of the texture as it didn’t seem to melt or dissipate in my mouth and I had to pick it off.
Anyway, pretty good slip with it on the shaft and no staining on the sheets. I enjoy seeing it when it happens!