Creative ways to orgasm in a Chastity!

So....the other night, I locked myself in my chastity. I was curious as to whether I was able to make myself cum.

I used one of my wands to stimulate myself through the cage. It took a lot longer than normal but I eventually made myself have an ejaculatory orgasm with only the wand as stimulation.
It was amazing, the constant pressure from the cage prevented an erection but didn't stop it from trying....the pump feeling as I ejactulated was incredible.

Last night I locked myself up and got my 12 inch dildo out. Once I had it all in and I was opened up, I used the squeeze method to try to force and anal induced orgasm..... I was very very close but gave in because I was sooo hot. I know it will happen soon as I felt the waves building up inside.

Does anyone have any creative ways they use to make themselves orgasm?