Crossdressers - Wearing Make Up

I was just wondering if there are any of you who like to wear make up or play around with make up ?
Also which part of the make up routine do you enjoy the most ?

I have in the past been done up a few times and really liked and enjoyed the experience. I recently started to experiment and do my own make up, which I got to admit keeps me occupied for hours. Must be the creative side in me :blush:

My favourite part of my make up routine is the eye area :eyes:


Years ago when I was first married (early twenties) My wife and our very sexy friend both dressed me up in sexy underwear for a laugh. They also did my makeup. My wife kept disappearing upstairs (we were in the kitchen) to get more things. I had a raging hard on in a pair of skimpy knickers and our friend kept having a glance at it which made me think i was going to burst. Everything looked fine when theyd finished but I just looked silly with a No.1 haircut (we had no wig) My bum actually looked pretty good in all that stuff… My wife didnt know that 5 years before I had slept with sexy friend… I did have to go through a photo shoot though and the pics are still out there somewhere!! Sexy friend did actually have a cheeky touch of my cock whilst applying my lipstick.

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Absolutely, @Sage1 . Makeup is an essential part of any look.

I agree that the eyes are key and probably the element that I experiment with most. I’m cursed to have deep-set eyes which adds an extra challenge.

I also love getting makeover. All the MAC stores are very encouraging and deliver great advice as well as a look you will feel confident going out and about in. Or for something more adventurous try Illamsqua

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Love it.I am quite good at applying it myself but love the wife doing a proper job of it on me.Also she has styled my eyebrows to a more feminine look too which is subtle but awesome along with the makeup.Wife who is also my Mistress also seems well pleased at my suggestion i should wear perfume from now on and Not after shave.Really loving my feminine side blossoming.

I absolutely adore going out fully made up in sky high heels! It certainly takes a bit of practice and I’m still learning. There came a point when my crossdressing was becoming more than a passing fad and turning into a way of life. So I had a couple of makeup lessons with Jodie at ‘the Boudoir’ in London.

That’s her job - making up and teaching crossdressers and she’s very good at it. She also encouraged me to video the session and was able to sell me the appropriate products and brushes. It’s not cheap but I think if you’re serious, you can only go so far with YouTube.

Best of luck!