Crotchless Panties


Really want to buy some crotchless panties, I am male and are looking at these:

Do any other guys have experience with female crotchless panties and how the opening works with male bits and bobs , I really like the idea of hanging out a bit!

Any advice welcome

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Trust me, you’ll hang out a lot so if that’s what you’re looking for then go for it.


Love to hang out in them, I think it would be a sexy look, just hope it all lines up :slight_smile:

The slit is big , but I find it to far back , I’m not sure how a man’s bits would fit comfortably in this unless u pull them up from the front.

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I can’t offer you a male perspective but I can say that I love these, I bought one pair to try out and ended up ordering more as they cling in all the right places. The slit is big but it seems to sit nicely for me.


The position of the opening is what I have been wondering about too.:wink:

Hmm, the opening on those looks to be smaller and lower so thinking they’d have to be shifted up a bit to work which is very possible. Also that the opening and your size could be a fact on the comfort/how well they fit or work. If your large on your bits then I’m thinking it won’t be as free feeling as you’d like.

LH does also make a mens brief in lace thats open in the front and back too in case these don’t work the way you’d like.

It has to be female lingerie for me, the male equivalent does nothing for me plus so much more choice in the ladies section.

Ok was just a suggestion in case the opening is too narrow. In that case I’d suggest looking for one with a slightly large opening as that one looks really narrow. I’m trans and have average sized bits and feel like that one linked would be narrow in the uncomfortable tight way.

I find the opening to be in the wrong place in lingerie designed for those with vaginas if you want your penis and balls to hang out. It’s possible but not all that comfortable. I’d go for the ones with the rear opening, keeps everything in place up front and leaves good access to the rear.

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