Cum eating.

Hi all, enjoying reading the forums, new to them really but good to get an insight into people's likes and dislikes.

I'd really like to cum on my wife and then clean it all up, also I'd love to try snowballing. Im just wondering if it's something people enjoy? And how I'd go about trying it for the first time, without losing the urge as it were!!

Thanks guys

I'm the same at the moment, I have a thing for wanting to clean up after, I've told my OH an she just says, just do it then.

i just have to get over the barrier

not to sure on snowballing, one step at a time.

I'm not sure if it's something that would turn a woman on, watching me , curious to know. Like you my partner doesn't seem against it, but getting myself to do it. Not sure if there's any tips or advice out there?

Massive turn on!!! I miss this now I having a break from contraception :'(

Dive in boys!!

What do you like when it's eaten from the vagina or anus itself or over the body and face? Just curious.
Don't let the break be too long 😉

I just love cleaning up my wife after others have used her.It's an order rather than a request after she has been double or even treble penatrated. She will spit a mouthful straight into my mouth or over my face ( stings a lot if it goes in your eyes) and she makes me lie down while she squats over my face and tells me to get my tongue into cleaning action. It seems to dribble quicker from her pussy than her anus, when she forces it out it gets pushed with a fart. It does taste different coming from different openings, but I don't care as I know she had a couple of enamas before hand and she is clean. The taste of other guys cum doesn't worry me, I just like cleaning up afterwards, she calls me her sperm bank.

I'm not afraid to admit I have a bit of a cum fetish. I'd love to snowball or otherwise share it but I've never been with anyone willing to do it 😞

only ever done it once with my OH and I dont mind the taste of my own cum mixed with hers

Just put your OH in charge. Tell her to tie you down and ignore any loss of motivation!

Loving this idea, will subtly suggest it. Although I'd love to eat it straight from her pussy

She can still do that if you are tied down!

Yeah true, She usually Cums multiple times before i cum, so then we usually finish when I cum, maybe better if I finish before her whilst she's in the mood to sit on my face if you get what I mean

My wife and i both enjoy me rubbing the head of my cock on her clit.
I warm her up with my tongue, then rub my cock on her clit til i cum. I spread most of it over her clit and lips and put the last few drops inside her, she will often orgasm as i cum all over her.
I then get down there and clean up, something we both love and she will often come again as i lick her clean.