Cum on Lingerie?

I encourage my husband to cum over or in my lingerie as I always wash them after sex - and he loves the fact that I wear a lot of black lingerie and he likes to see his load over the lingerie and it’s better over my knickers than in the bedding or in my mouth - if you got quality lingerie there should never be an issue to wash it


Many times we will make love with my wife wearing her panties/knickers, my hands tied, pulling them aside. When we are finished and soaked with our cum she will take them off and put them in my mouth


Ha ha Yes. As a male newbie wearer of female knicker/pants :briefs: I’m constantly in a state of semi excitement :banana:with pre cum making my knicks :briefs:slightly wet.

Not a situation I’m use to but enjoying the utter joy that wearing my own lingerie brings me :grin:


Never normally much lingerie left on by the time he is cumming plus i prefer it in me or to feel it on my skin.


Most definitely

If only I got the chance to :grimacing:

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I absolutely love the look of sperm spattered black lingerie whether it’s me or the wife wearing it,preferably both.Come drenched black knickers inserted into your mouth to suck clean is a treat indeed.


For me - it’s wonderful to cum over a smooth satin or silky material - my wife often uses her knickers to wank me off and it’s a pleasure to feel the material cover those knickers


On what was probably the second date with my now husband I was feeling quite horny and lucky that particular night so I decided last minute to wear lingerie under my dress (cami & stockings) . After a lovely meal and a few drinks we ended up back at mine. It was only when he was going down on me and my legs were in the air that I realised my stocking tops had a stain on them from my previous boyfriend. I was absolutely mortified! He either didn’t notice or didn’t care;)


Yes, I love to cum in my wifes underwear and she loves to see me do it and gets very horny by watching me.

No problems with washing it out.


Really depends. Hot in theory. Does my washing machine let delicates live for very long? Is hand washing a pain in the backside? Tough.

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