Cum Tributes


So I've just discovered the idea of cum tributes, basically it's when a guy gets a pic of a woman, usually a sexy pic, and wanks over it until he cums then takes a pic of the photo covered in cum and sends it back to the girl.

so girls, what do you think of it and have you ever had one done.

And guys have you ever done it or wanted to do it.

I'm really intrigued by this

Hi, I can understand and love the first part of the paragraph but sending it back to the lady concerned,***REMOVED BY MODERATOR***

chisel wrote:

They send the "finished" photo (of the "tribute") electronically lol.

chisel wrote:

Wow.... Judgmental much? This type of comment is not welcome here. 

If you have better things to do than read posts like this, then maybe you should do those rather than posting nasty comments, eh? 

I've certainly done the first part but never sent the pic back - I'd love to do it if it turned a lady on though!

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So someone did this for me when I was younger but it was not with my consent and I felt violated afterwards for a long time. For that reason I'm not a fan of it.

However, I'm a believer of the saying 'your kink is not my kink' and as long as you are consenting to this being done I don't see what the problem is. I can imagine that some people would enjoy it and get some sort of confidence boost from someone finding them attractive and wanting to share that with them in an intimate way. Basically I see nothing wrong with it as long as the person in the photo doesn't feel uncomfortable with it.

I also would like to apologise om behalf of the membership on here for any distress caused and hope it doesnt put you off joiniing in.

I had noticed reading your post carefully a couple of times you havnt placed your own views but requesting views of others . Very clever and its something I do sometimes before trying something out .

I think Nats post above kind of hits the nail on the head . I think its something that you could only do if you know the recepient very well as it is something that could be taken well or not so well as the case may be.

I know its not something I would do for my Mrs as I know she wouldnt take it too well and would probably be embarrassed .Then I would face an inquest on why I did it . To give you an idea of what My Mrs is like personality wise then check out Love Island contestent Camilla . She is very reserved just like her .

If it was my partner I wouldn't mind.
As Alicia4ever said, It shows how much you turn them on.
My other half probably wouldn't do it. He's reserved to say the least.

A few guys did it for me while I was on twitter. I think they probably got a lot more pleasure from it than I did to be honest. I've nothing against it at all, each to their own, but it dosent really do much for me. I did have one guy offer to cum over a pencil and send me the pic......not quite sure what to make of that xx

I've not had one, and I think if it was my partner, I'd be ok with it. But otherwise similar to what Nat said, I would find it quite violating. Consent is a pretty big thing for me with these things.

I think captain did this when we were first together. We were in a long distance relationship and yeah I admit I liked knowing he was masturbating whilst looking at a picture of me.

I'm on a kinky social media site and would be pretty turned on seeing guys finishing on photos of me so long as it was a request I put out :)

Hubby has done this over my pics and I love knowing he has. He's never sent me one back with cum on no..not sure how well it would travel haha but I'd be all for it 🙌

I have seen this on social media, it's not something I fancy, but each to their own 😊

There was one guy who posted pics of the finished results. He liked cumming all over his iPad! I've always wondered if it had a shorter lifespan because of it!

Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate all the different views. I think the thing I'm talking about more is when a stranger does, someone you don't know. I think I would quite enjoy knowing my picture made someone cum and see the proof would be quite erotic I guess lol

I seen this many years ago on social media but it was without consent of those involved. It was a "wankbank" of profile pictures and afterwards they would upload the finished photo to the page and leave another one for people to use. It was closed down quickly after it was reported.

That to me us wrong but with consent there is no issue. I totally understand why someone would like to do this. In a way it does make you feel sexually attractive and in a way I guess we all crave that a little.

If you wanna do it then do it. As much as it would be quite fun I very much doubt my husband would feel comfortable with me doing it.

Much love and luck x

I've not actually 'cum' across this before. I'd be more than happy to receive a reply so-to-speak if it was between my myself and my partner. If I hadn't given my consent to receive such an image from a stranger I'd probably be very offended.

It's a similar concept of someone sending a photo of a toy after a play session or wet undies, it's sexy to receive and makes you feel really good about yourself. But to strangers without consent it can get into dangerous grounds, so I would say as long as it's all in Good nature and with consent go for it.