Dark Magic Machine not enough power?

Hello guys and girls, im just asking for opinions really or any experiences.

I purchased the Dark Magic Machine a while ago but only now have i got around to opening it. i have my opinions on it but my main concern is that it just doesnt work… With out going into to much info, when im in position the machine cant thrust, it just gets stuck… its like the motor doesnt have eough power. My husband has tried different batteries and we have tried getting into position while its running. I’ve also tried a stupid amount of lube and to get on it after ive used something else. All to no joy

Has anyone else come across this? I was quite looking forward to it and seems a bit of a waste of a £200 toy just to sit under the bed.

Dark Magic Sex Machine

If it’s within 60 days of purchase you could try the Sex Toy Happiness Promise for a refund? (The Happiness Promise section is about midway down the page)

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Generally the criticism of that machine is that it just goes too fast. Sounds like yours is definitely faulty.

Unfortunatly im way past that, was out the country for a few months :frowning:

If it’s faulty you have a year’s warranty. :+1: It’s probably worth contacting customer care and seeing what they say.