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So me and the wife are having a date night friday .... How does everyone else keep their date nights fresh and fun

Hi Jimandlea welcome to the forum.

My OH and I don't do date nights as such, but every few weeks (8-10) we have a little holiday, like a weekend away, it works for us.

Jimnlea wrote:

So me and the wife are having a date night friday .... How does everyone else keep their date nights fresh and fun

For us its a case of eating out nearly every Saturday and doing things like you did in your early days of courting . Mixing in with the younger ones at some of the town center pubs and letting your hair down again . We are hoping to start going to some concerts again in the near future.. Basically if your 30 + then act like you did in your 20s. Have fun I am sure you will. Also may be a good idea occasionally when you go out to dress to impress . That way your partner won't be able to keep their hands off you.

The mini holidays sound great idea - normally childcare is of an issue for us but we are looking at making it a monthly thing now where we do something even if its just a meal and drinks - then hopefully back home to carry on the fun 😉

Great idea! We try to do date nights weekly or fortnightly if busy (sometimes life gets in the way). Once a month we try to do a special date night where we try something new or more memorable. My girlfriend and I have been together a while now and it can be nice to do something different to avoid getting stuck in a rut. We've done the very PG-13 bowling and milkshakes to more cultured opera or galleries. We both love sports and try to think of new sports to try out or watch - we recently marshaled a race together too for a change from her watching me run. If on a budget sometimes I cook a special meal and she washes up. So many options - we have great fun thinking of new ideas. Thinking of adding in some sex dates - sounds pretty regimented but read it can help kick start things. Has anyone tried that?

Brilliant idea for keeping things fresh. You'll really appreciate each other too. Imo every couple needs a date night whether it's sat in their pjs with a take away pizza with an excellent film collection with popcorn and perhaps drinks. To hitting the town getting a hotel for the night and acting as though you've just met (this ones lots of fun imo ). Then there's getting your best and i mean your best clothes on getting dolled up massively and hitting some swanky resturant, followed up with drinks alcohol or alcohol free it doesn't matter. Then there's a bedroom lock in. There's all-sorts of date night's. Whatever you decide have a marvellous evening together 💜xx

Looking for a wee bit of ad vice on date night myself. Got it planned for tonight, I've cooked the meal yesterday so it'll just be a heat up job (no time consuming,) a nice candle lit bath for hubby with some relaxing home made remedy honey and pomegranate perhaps. Maybe a massage in their too?.

Our type of music stuff that has great memories together 😃 rose petals and candles in the bedroom. Lingere I'm thinking subtle on this occasion like sweet and innocent perhaps the link spoil me satin babydoll. Any thoughts? Strawberries and cream will be fun desert 😉 and that's about all I've got.

Any tips/ideas are welcomed? One big no-no is alcohol though. Hope the fantastic Lovehoneys can help me tweak the details to give hubby a perfect night 😍😍😍😙😙😙 I've been well off my game lately so really want to show hubby he's my everything 😄😄 I tell him so daily but there's ways of showing it too 💜xx

Slinky that date night sounds perfect! I'd be very impressed if my partner presented me with that! The only suggestion I have is dancing together in your living room, it can either be fun and silly or slow and sexy, but it's a good way to get close and connect romantically.

Have fun everyone on your date nights!

Alicia4Ever wrote:

Slinky if you have some ice cream in the house, to go with the strawberries. you could try this. Take desert to the bedroom, and combine temperature play and food sex. Get him to lay on the bed, place a strawberry on his body, then take a small lump of ice cream from the tub, and place that on his body. Then pick up the ice cream with your mouth and feed it to him in a kiss, the same for the strawberry, and repeat, until hes had enough then swap over. It's so sensual, and intimate, like you wouldn't believe.

Have a great night, hunni. Ali xx

This sounds amazing! Will definitely be trying this! Thanks Ali x

Oooh Ali, you're like incredible at every part of advice that exists 😄 thank you lovely ice cream on the list 😄 that'll be fun and different as we rarely do temperature play, but it's always super fun. Cheers that's genious 👍😙

Thank you jezzabella, that's a push I need actually to do some sexy dancing 😄😄 hubby loves it but I get soo embarrassed 🙈🙈 I'm definitely going to add that in 😙💜xx

Thanks for suggestions, reckon that's sorted now then. 😃

Enjoy your date night's all 😙💜xx

To be honest it sounds like you had a perfect evening planned from the get go. With the thought you have put into everything I'm sure your hubby will feel incredibly appreciated. You have one lucky guy there. Hope you both have a lovely evening :-)

Oh dear I'm a bit late with my suggestions but there are some games we like to play - guess the intro, where we both think back to chart music when we were dating and play the first few bars or intro, using YouTube etc. Takes you back to that time which is always good and you can naughty it up a bit and pay forfeits if you can't guess it. There's also your own l, would you ever l?, to spark conversation and perhaps bring up some secret fantasies that you've never shared and might like to try. We also do online pub quizzes as we like competing with each other, again the loser could pay a forfeit. I sometimes give hubby a lap dance as well. We also like to bingewatch series eg game of thrones and these are all great to do in the comfort of your own home and drink isn't needed 😊
Hope these suggestions may help for a future date night. I'm sure your hubby enjoyed all the effort you put into it xx

Sounds wonderful Slinky, hope you had a lovely night xx