I know it's a bit of a niche thing but was wondering if anyone here is into it?

No, but always ealing to learn new acronyms, so thanks!

Interesting! With a quick google search, looks like Tumblr may be your site for resources! :)

I am 😇

Yeah, tumblr is the place to go for this kind of thing. It's probably the biggest and most open community for it, I think. I know a lot of people on mine who have blogs for it and there's a huge network I don't dive in to from my own sexual corner of it.

I am, I do most of my communication and learning via others on Twitter

Actually, I have an ex who was a little, so I inadvertently entered into a DDLG relationship without knowing. Honestly, it wasn't for me personally, and without being judgemental against that type of relationship in general, I found my partner's behaviour & interests irritating. She had a load of soft toys, loved watching cartoons and doing things like colouring in. Nothing wrong with any of that of course, but I had no interest in playing a daddy role outside of the bedroom :/

I am sorry you entered into that type of relationship without full knowledge Sex Squid, your partner should have been more up front. For some people this type of relationship is very liberating and something fulfilling.

I find it all a bit of a weird one- I found out about it through a cousin who is VERY open on FB... I feel kind of drawn to it but not to the extent that most in the community are from what I've seen- the idea of nappies and teddies and dummys seems very weird to me but then the idea of feeling very safe and resolved of all responsibilities....a chocolate bar and a colouring book... free reign to act like a bit of a princess... I could kind of get on board with that!

Sometimes you see these things floating about on tumblr and it seems like it's pretty common so was J/W if there were any active members of the community here but I guess it's still a bit niche