Deactivated Survey

This morning I received an email from LH asking me to complete a survey but when I tried to do so I got a message saying that the survey had been “deactivated by the owner”?

Anyone else have this happen?

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Nope I haven’t had one from LH. Was it LH or wow tech? I’ve had a couple from wow tech which did that.

As @Deanna32 says, I suspect it was a “Lovehoney Group” email (aka the new name of Wow Tech) rather than a Lovehoney survey from this site.

I’ve had that before, only once, but they do sometimes shut them really quickly… or it’s possible they realised there was a mistake it and withdrew it to correct it. There are often mistakes in them! :rofl:

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Had the same , it’s the normal (old wow-tech one) now LH group.

Started it and then stated deactivated, I’m regular on my emails and this one was fast so guessing realised a mistake and removed.

Had the same here, from “wow tech” it came through and I clicked to do it almost straight away as I was reading my emails all ready! Think someone may have made a mistake and would have been expecting a p45 on their desk if they hadn’t closed it that quick :joy:


Same for me too, maybe it had something wrong and will get resent after being corrected.

I had the same…

Still can’t seem to sign up to wow tech. It must hate my device.

In the past I’ve had it happen which usually is a sign they’ve had enough people do the survey to not need anymore entries

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I just got this reply to an email I sent to them.

Dear user,

Please apologize for the inconvenience. That survey had a response cap that was reached a little faster than I anticipated. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards!

Rinor Beciraj

UX & Market Research

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