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Hi All

Me and my gf love sending naughty pics and videos to each other I also have a few friends that I sex chat with. I’m looking for new ideas for photos and videos which would be good to send for a receivers point of few. Like if your bf or friend was sending you pictures what would you like to see or what would turn you on?

I’m very open person where basically anything goes just run out of ideas to send my gf rather than just basic pictures and videos I normally send.

Hope this is allowed .

Thank you


I love a bit of sexting. What I’ve done in the past is do it like a bit of a story (bear with me on this one :rofl:)
I incorporate the texting/videos and the give my wife choices as to which path I should go down. For example leave/take condom off etc.

I try and make it like she was in the room with me and it goes down well as you can do roleplay just over sext. Hope all goes well


Hi @georgieyeah85 sounds lovely to be able to share photos with naughty friends as well as Other half
I’ve sent photos of myself in the past but nothing much
I like the idea of getting somebody paints and sharing to my girlfriend


yer the standard erect penis ones or just masterbating are getting boring I wanna do more random

I like the thought of showing myself having toys up my bum

yer got a few of them hard getting the angle tho on when on your own.

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Don’t worry, your fine. We get all sorts of threads on here.

A good way to think of it, is when you take a photo (or vid) try to imagine what angles people would see if they where in the room them selves. Your trying to mimic someones natural gaze with an image.
You can try different angles like lying on the bed, looking up towards the headboard and taking a shot down your body, including your face looking at the camera.
From the side, back or below your feet or legs.

You also dont have to take whole images of yourself. Something as close up as a hand on a thigh, a shot of part of your chest or stomach, hip or your mouth can be effective too.
This is nice to mix with some clothing too. It gives the image multiple textures, contrasts and shadows. Lets you tease by only displaying sections or allows you to slowly reveal skin if its a vid. Something as simple as a white shirt can be amazing for any sort of photo.

Props can also be fun. Things like flower petals on skin make amazing images. Wax drips (from the ones sold for sensation play and as sex toys, not just any candle. They melt at a lower temp) can be incredibly beautiful. Toys can be great too if you have them.

You can try something as uncomplicated as shooting a vid of your clothed chest, then slowly undoing the buttons for the camera, like a section of a striptease.

You can do fun things with what people cant see too. Hands moving under fabric. Even something as strait forward as open shirt (or t shirt) and jeans (or undies) can work.
Instead of pulling it out, consider a vid of touching yourself under your clothing or a sheet.

Whatever you come up with, have fun. Thats the whole point after all, and it will come across in the pictures.

Ps. Phone stands and remote shutter buttons are a great hep for getting tricky angles. And can be very inexpensive.


Wow that’s definitely got me thinking and I’m home alone now so Will have a go with some pics
The thought of it’s very exciting x

Black and white images are fun too. Im a huge fan of monochrome photos and They can be incredibly beautiful. Also allow you to do fun things with shadows and light, like shooting shots at certain times of day or with certain lighting directions to get long shadows across the body or shadows cast by objects.
Who hasnt admired the light and shade on someones skin before after all.


Fantastic ideas I’m just playing around wearing some Very fitted Leggins at the minute

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I would also love to life model

Love a sexy chest pic and a lover too of black and white images…an unbuttoned shirt…a naked back view…an arousal pic in trunk fit boxers.
Was sent a video off a FWB of him undoing his zipper and having an outdoor pee which was very arousing.


Love this idea


thank you much ill try some of these

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For me kinky pants and teasing what leaves to the imagination gets me going big time.
Also cheeky bum shots with maybe some toy playing is a go to as well.

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I’ve had instructions off the other half I need to be in my little chastity cage later
I’m not sure if it would take a decent photo or not

yer sounds good got loads of them lol

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No specific ideas , but here is a link to a thread about taking photos that may be of some help . The Little Thread of Photo and Video tips and tricks - #3 by teacake

Haha your defo doing all the right stuff then!