Hi everyone! I placed my first order on Friday night and the items were dispatched on Saturday morning - my delivery day was estimated to be tomorrow but my Royal Mail tracking hasn't updated since Saturday - is this normal?

I shouldn't worry if I were you. Lovehoney delivery is great and has always been spot on for me.

It will be royal mail notnot lovehoney. They are very quick at dispatching :) shame about the postage systems haha

Yeah I was thinking it was Royal Mail - I know it's been dispatched but the lack of update worries me - only because I'm going away on Thursday morning! Thanks!

Royal mail aren't great at updating their tracking, but it'll probably still arrive on the estimated day. You may also get an automated email to let you know your item is going to be delivered on the day that it's going to arrive.

I hope you'll have loads of fun with your purchases when your order arrives :)

Royal Mail I've found to be rather rubbish at updating the tracking system - I've not had a late delivery though! I do like that the morning of delivery I will get an email through - ensures someone is in - and a confirmation when it has been delivered.

The tracking service usually starts updating on the day that it's being delivered. I usually get an email from Royal Mail in the morning to tell me that my item is out for delivery, and I will get another one to tell me whether it was successfully delivered or not, or if it was left in my safe place. This information should also be available via the tracking service online if you don't get emails, but usually you won't get updates until the delivery day xx

Hey arheart.

There was probably a delay in the tracking system updating because your delivery was being sent over the weekend. Sunday's can put a spanner in the works!

The good news is, I've just had a quick peep at your order and checked the tracking and all is well! 

According to the Royal Mail website, you should expect to reveive your parcel today :) 

Enjoy your trip (and goodies!)