Depth play/Butt plug limit

So after years of play with butt plugs I think I've reached my limit of what will fit between my hip bone, at 4" dia,about 14" circumference, so I have started a bit of depth play using,

My problem is it seems to only go in 13-14 inch's my body then says thats far enough today, has anyone any exeprience of how to go further?

Any advice welcome.

Have you seen the Porn Star HotKinkyJo? She might give you an idea of how deep you can go and if you've got no problem watching gay porn you that might show you how deep is possible, you might be surprised!

if you look at HotKinkyJo's website it states it shows anal insertions up to a depth of 40cm. That's 15.75 inches and accounts for those 'elbow deep' inseertions. I think if you can fit 13-14 inches that's pretty extreme. I have seen the odd video of longer insertions using extremely flexible toys - I'm sure there was one with about 2foot/24inches but that was something that looked almost like a hose pipe.

I'm not sure how you would investigate the 'getting around the bend' aspect of going getting more depth, or what the additional consequences are that you might need to be aware of.

😮 my eyes are watering just thinking of going that extreme!. I guess you don't need the bundle from lh.... 😜

BuMdle Naughty Mum! BuMdle!!!

Damned auto correct!! Bumdle indead!!

Only a few folk can go deep and manage big diameters too. I suspect that you've trained your behind and stretched it to get used to the 'straight line penetrations' that come with big diameter butt plugs, they're automatically pulling everything into straightlines aligned between your hips and tailbone. Going much deeper needs to take a more curving path and it is probably the case that you are 'bottoming out' (I know :-) ) and simply not getting the curve started.

I'd suggest you try a slightly larger diameter but soft double headed dildo at 18" or so and use loads of J lube A slight increase in diameter especially of the tip might help to find a curving path and potentially line up for the transverse colon rather than simply make a dent in the top wall of your gut, getting further than the more slender pointy models I have sessions where I concentrate more on depth than diameter and find that switching from one to the other does require some re-alignment inside.

Changing position from on your knees, to on one side, or standing, squatting,.. all these can make a big difference to comfort and penetration at bigger depths...

Also, you have to be extra extra clean, and maybe your body is holding back and that sphincter is also preventing your toys from going up, too. I manage the 18" flexed inside regularly on a good session and have managed a 16" penetration with less flex and more diameter the past few weekends. I have a crackstuffers trainer as I too am looking to go to 20+ inches, but have only once or twice managed beyond 18-20 inches, also seeming to have reached a limit and am cautious not to break anything but haven't found the trick for that next gateway.. despite seeing the occasional inspiring web clip from those who've managed more, much more.

Tbh... This seems to be going into the realms of a colonoscopy!.. Eyes still watering at the thought

I think it is, but on the plus side, it's voluntary! Sooo much of what we do and why it's exciting has to do with what's going on inside our heads. And the though of a doctor sending a camera up my butt because I'm sick enough to warrant it would be a horrible turn off ... but exploring my limits because I want to .. well that's a whole different adrenaline rush!

I've only managed to reach 12" and i think that's my limit (too scared to push any harder)

And referring to HotKinkyJo, i've seen some of her videos and they really are impressive, I dont know if she's got a website but she might have a FAQ if she has a site?

Just try and go a little bit deeper each time, without using too much force, you'll get there!

good luck!

I'm amazed at the depths being discussed! After several months of enjoying stretching, I'm interested to know what is the typical maximum diameter toy that could be fully inserted and what is the physical limiting factor? I have reached a little over 8.5 inches in circumference (70mm diameter) but seem to be restricted by my bones to go any bigger. Is there a technique to getting over this ?

B52, you'll be amazed how far you can go, slightly squisshy butt plugs seem best that are tapered in shape, I have a 32" waist and my largest is a modified plug 3.75" x 4.25" oval shape I also have as in the picture two shots in the dark and fatman in a barrel both about 3.75" dia.

The ace of spades is smaller, but harder to use as its very firm, my suggestion would be to splash out on the two shots in the dark it's a great shape that will allow you to progress easily and you will fit all the way down! try to pursuade your other half to try that type of play they're missing out.

I am wondering where hotkinkyjo gets her long snake toy from I'd love to try one??!!

Piers wrote:

I am wondering where hotkinkyjo gets her long snake toy from I'd love to try one??!!

As it's not sold on Lovehoney, we wouldn't be able to tell you. We can't link to or mention competitors :)

I've done 16" insertions without too much effort but that was with what looks like a very long tapered buttplug. Depth is more dangerous than just using larger diameter toys because you can do injury and not realise it so more care must be taken. There are some good sites online containing advice for this under "anal depth training".

In terms of what is possible, I've seen a video of a guy taking a fisting upto the shoulder so, with practice and training, a lot is possible.

I regularly take a 17" double ended dildo or a 6 1/2" circumference dildo with ease when I'm warmed up I can take my inflated 10" circumference toy...This takes me to another level of exctacsy!! But it does take patience and lots of important lube! I have just ordered the 22" tapered dildo and the B4 plug and a smaller plug 😊 can't wait x

I'm intrigued by the idea of going *really* deep - although I can't imagine I'd ever pluck up the courage. Why is it worth trying? What does it feel like?

I think my pelvic bones are stopping me from going wider. I am sure that happens inevitably but I am not anywhere near the diameters you are discussing. What is the normal distance between the bones?

AsYouWish! wrote:

I think my pelvic bones are stopping me from going wider. I am sure that happens inevitably but I am not anywhere near the diameters you are discussing. What is the normal distance between the bones?

Good question, I think I've worked my own limits, first the opening is not round like most butt plugs are, its more oval, so front to back about 4.5" and side to side about 3.5" for me, I'm guessing but girls may be able to go bigger due to possibly a different pelvic shape?

As for depth you can't feel anything(much) deep in but for a guy it can really rub his g spot sliding in and out, given it can hurt a bit when a long way in this IS the point to stop.

The width between my pelvic bones is more like 2 inches. Good job I can't get pregnant!