Describe your sex life with a movie title

Vanilla Sky (much to my annoyance)

Barefoot in the Park

Because i love that movie and my first outdoor sex was …

Movie title

Dude where’s my sex life.

This is due to no sex 3 half years since wife gave birth to our 2nd baby.

Full metal jackoff

I’m just glad that nobody so far has picked the “40 Year Old Virgin” :laughing:

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Toy Story :man_shrugging:


Enough Said.

“Pretty Woman” as this is how i like to look when having sex with the wife.

Die Hard

Pleasure or Pain. (2013)

Wishful thinking!

Nothing wrong with a 40 year old virgin!
Personally I am not one, but just saying.

Crazy, stupid love

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I wish it was: Everything everywhere all at once.

But as we have young kids, its more like: Frozen

Cool Hand Luke