Describe your sex life with a movie title

As the subject of this post reads … If you had to choose a movie title to describe your sex life what would it be?

Il go first:

Limitless (we are truly up for everything!)


Mine would be deep impact (my husband is over 9 inch long) :lovehoney_heart:


Feast or fammine

I’m picking three:

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - because I’m a lucky girl, though actually wouldn’t mind a bit less on the longer dimension of things.


Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang - not quite sure what the chitty is but yeh, you get the bang, bang.

And of course, both as a couple and solo… and the same as a lot on this forum I imagine:

Toy Story - obviously! :rofl:

Oh and I also feel the need to reshare this meme to ruin everyone’s fond memories of a childhood classic but maybe remind others of times in their sex life too!


:joy: brilliant thread……

I think “midnight meat train” cos of obvious :joy: or “from dusk till dawn” cos god loves a tryer and I like to blow my own trumpet :wink::joy:


Er Free Willy I suppose.

Love getting naked.

Frequency? And potency. When i last felt horny and in the mood?

Long Good Friday.

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Gone with the wind.

3 kids, always a taxi service to all the sports clubs, says it all!!


Trading Places.

3 years ago, after 45 years of marriage, we switched roles totally.
I have taken on all the housework, cooking and cleaning and am sexually submissive to her. I wear a chastity cage so the only penetrative sex we have is when she fucks my ass or mouth.
She has total control over her own and my orgasms too.


Can you take all of that without hurting?

Don’t judge me…
‘The Lord of the Rings’

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Just so many options!

It’s a Wonderful Life (my favorite)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (most truthful!)
Some Like it Hot (!)
Hot Fuzz (oh yeah)
Lady and the Tramp (accurate)


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The Hand

The Happening (because…well, it keeps happening. And happening. And happening)

Although the last couple days, perhaps “Crimson Tide.”

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Just so many choices :thinking:

But one of them definitely has to be deep impact, with him being 9 inches.

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Lost in Translation. :rofl:

Gone with the Wind. I think this says it all.

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Gone in 60 seconds


Supersize Me - as I use the penis pump a lot.


Any Given Sunday

I can’t believe that no one has said Enter the Dragon